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5 Keys To Remain Centered In Unconditional Love

Centered In Unconditional Love

How many blessings filled your life this week?

I ask you this question because often our days get so busy as appointments fill our calendars, weekly obligations loom over us, meetings with family and friends preoccupy us and downtime refreshes us.

However, with all these things, we often forget to slow down and acknowledge the blessings each moment brings our way.

When we allow ourselves to slow down and consciously recognize all these blessings that fill our daily experience our minds open to the boundless and limitless love that flows forth from the Divine Itself.

I like to see each blessing as a gift of love that is from the One from which all life flows. A gift of love poured from God, Source, the Infinite Life.

Seeing With A Perspective of Love

This week I would like to offer you an unconditional love opportunity.

Everywhere you find yourself, whether you are walking through a grocery store, stuck in traffic, talking on the phone to a bill collector or friend, and each morning you rise from bed, to open your conscious mind to this love that is ever-present.

Keep your mind centered on the One.

Being that this post falls on the day after Valentine’s, I feel it is important for us to find unique ways to keep love flowing through our minds each day.

Keeping the flow of love pulsing through our minds, body and heart we suddenly see this unconditional love flowing at the depths of everything.

To help with this opportunity this week, below are 5 keys to assist you in being a beacon of God’s love always.

5 Keys To Remain Centered In Unconditional Love

1 – Seek Ye First The Kingdom – If you could see God flowing through all things, then what could hinder you? One extremely empowering thought is when you can see the Presence of God, you effortlessly begin to see unconditional love as well. For where there is God, there is love.

2 – Fill Your Mind With Loving Thoughts – It is difficult to observe the unconditional love flowing forth from God if your thoughts are centered on lack, limitations, anger, doubt, or fear. Therefore, to assist in remaining centered in unconditional love, I would encourage you to fill your mind with loving thoughts. While it may not be the easiest when beginning this, over time you can rewire your consciousness to think upon a foundation of God, compassion, and peace.

3 – Honor Your Energy – Use your Divine Essence in a way that highlights not only the love dwelling within but the love that dwells in all. How you use your energy affects not only yourself and those you love, but sends ripples out into our planet. To remain centered in this unconditional love, use your time upon this planet in a wonderful and loving way.

4 – Spiritual Practice – Cultivate a spirit of love by bringing an awareness of unconditional love with you as you go through your spiritual practice. When you meditate, focus upon the love that flows through all. When you pray, consciously embody the divine love that is ever-present. What you bring with you into your spiritual practice, you bring with you out into our world.

5 – Extreme Gratitude – The final key is to fill your mind, heart and soul with extreme gratitude. This may involve writing down 10 things you are grateful for each day. This may also include focusing on a few things you are grateful for before you rise out of bed each morning. Dwelling upon grateful thoughts assists us in recognizing the innumerable things we have to be thankful for each day.

Weekly Opportunity

This week, seek ye first the Kingdom. See God in all.

Be aware of and present of the unconditional love that flows throughout the universe and most importantly, cultivate this love deep within yourself.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely






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