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The Power of Words: Speaking Life & Spreading Light

The Power of Words

Words have a profound affect on the lives of others. The power of words can bury people in doubt and darkness or resurrect them from frustration and confusion.

You and I are the ones who have this powerful ability dwelling within. Our words can be weapons just as easily as our words can heal.

I still recall a few words a person spoke to me many years back that made me sink deeper within myself and question if I had any gifts worth sharing. Words of hate flew forth from this person’s mouth and stung my soul.

It’s interesting when we look back at our experiences and see how much attention we’ve given to the opinions of another person. Interesting to think about how we value another person’s word more than we value our own.

Fortunately, I’ve also had people sow seeds of truth, power and possibility into my life. I still remember when I first moved to Atlanta and the words of another person helped me awaken to my gifts and rise from my suffering.

These words that were spoken to me allowed me to find the value of my life and the importance of showing up in the world from an empowered and authentic place. These words flowed forth from Rev. David Ault, the senior minister of the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta and he basically told me, that which I seek is already within me. At the depths of it, I was enough, valuable and worthy of doing extraordinary things.

How have words influenced your life?

What words are you carrying with you from day to day?

Are these words that empower you or are these words that cause suffering and make you feel less than enough?

What words are you speaking to yourself and to others?

Loving Speech

There is a power that flows with ease and grace when one communicates in a peaceful, compassionate and loving way.

There is a magic uncovered within the souls of those who use their words to uplift and encourage someone who is struggling.

Before you speak this week, I’d like to encourage you to think about the impact of your words.

Before you speak to another person and as you carry on that inner dialogue within yourself, ask “will the words I speak empower or deflate? Will the words I speak inspire or degrade?”

If life and death are in the power of the tongue, then you should remain clear about which side of that fence you are serving on.

Please remember, not all communication is verbal. Toxic thoughts about another or yourself is just as detrimental as cursing another person with words.

Be aware of this incredible power you carry with you each day of your experience.

Speak life, share light.

3 Ways To Speak Life Into Our World

1 – Act As If – Act as if the words you speak to another person will immediately become their experience and yours. Act as if that which you say about another, you are also saying about yourself. Embracing this practice throughout your week, you’ll see the power of only speak truth, love and light into the life of another. Not only will this make you feel better but it will save you from saying something that may make another person feel worthless.

2 – Bless In Mind – Before you speak to another person, bless them in your mind. Surround the person with positive thoughts, recognize their Light within, allow those thoughts you are thinking about to blossom into words of peace and compassion. It is difficult to speak ill unto another if you see them in their highest and best Light in your conscious mind.

3 – Practice Deep Listening – In addition to the power of words is the power of listening. Practice listening with deep compassion. Even if the words someone says are negative, don’t allow your mind to drift from the peace you can create within yourself. As you listen from a deep and compassionate place you find that the words you speak will also flow from this compassionate place you’ve found within yourself.

Power of Words

Imagine if everywhere you ventured you embraced the power of words and practiced deep listening.

Imagine what it would feel like within yourself if you could keep this compassion and peace alive within you.

We have a great opportunity this week to go forth and bless people in mind and word as well as listening from a compassionate place.

You can bring light with your words or cast darkness. What will you decide?

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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