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The Power of Affirmative Prayer

The Power of Affirmative Prayer

It was one of those weeks where things just didn’t seem to go right. I was concerned about a house I had recently invested in that was draining more money than it was making. My editor was behind and my newest book was a few months behind the scheduled release date.

A close family member called me and told me about a medical condition she was concerned about after an appointment with her doctor. I was getting ready to move forward in my speaking career but the list of potential places to speak didn’t seem too promising.

On top of this, my cousin left my garage door open one evening and someone broke into my car, taking some prized possessions I left in the back seat.

I recall plopping down on the couch in the house I was still trying to fix and my mind scanned all these hurdles that filled my path.

These feelings seemed to make my breath shallow, my heart beat a little faster and my mind race uncontrollably. That was when I looked over at a book that has been a gem in my spiritual unfoldment, The Science of Mind.

I opened it up and immediately was reminded of a powerful spiritual practice that always seemed to help me see the truth in all situations.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and said an affirmative prayer.

Steps To Affirmative Prayers

In the Science of Mind teachings (Centers For Spiritual Living) there is one practice that holds extreme power. This is the process of an affirmative prayer.

It is not some crazy chant, an 8 hour meditation, or some sacred altar you have to build. It is all about aligning your conscious mind with the truth of who you are and the truth of the underlying Essence, God, Power, that flows through all.

In this affirmative prayer there are 5 specific steps. They are as follows:

  • Realization Embracing this recognition of the One Power and your Oneness with It, you can then embrace the realization that you are divinely guided throughout your day. This Presence can heal many ills, can remove any hurdles and obstacles in your path and bring you that which your heart desires. It is always working with you and forever supports you. Embracing this realization you see that there is nothing you cannot do if you remain aligned with the Divine Presence that flows through all.
  • Recognition Consciously acknowledging and recognizing that there is One Power, One Presence, One God, One Life that flows throughout the universe. It is whole, perfect, complete, ever-present. It is the Essence that fills every atom, each cell, each human, each planet, all galaxies, and is the space in which all life expands.
  • Unification As you recognize there is One Life, One God flowing through all, you consciously embrace the understanding that you are empowered by this Power. It is not separate from you but is the very Essence beating your heart and enlivening each atom, cell, tissue, fiber and organ of your being. It has been with you since before your first breath and will be with you after your last. You are a part of this Divine Presence, here, now and forever.
  • Gratitude Standing upon this powerful recognition, understanding your unification with this Presence and realizing that it is always supporting you, it now comes time to express gratitude. Be grateful for the divine order of your life and the way in which things align. Be grateful for a mind to think with, ancestors who’ve come before you and for the infinite power that dwells within you. Allow this gratitude to flow through your entire being.
  • Release When you finish expressing gratitude, release this affirmative prayer out into the ethers, knowing that what you declare and stand upon will not come back to you void. Release this prayer knowing you are supported and guided each step of your journey. Then open your eyes and be the best you.

This is exactly what I did for weeks on end. As time passed, I saw that these hurdles were opportunities to strengthen my inner world.

My house sold for a great profit, my book was released at the perfect time, my family member healed from their pain, and my speaking career has blossomed abundantly.

While I can’t say there was any one thing that made these hurdles diminish, I do know that affirmative prayers keep me centered upon truth and consciously recognizing the divine support I have each day of my life.

Create Your Own Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative prayers help with all areas of life whether it is personal, business, relationships, health, peace, or guidance.

Use the information below to create an affirmative prayer you can embrace throughout the week.

Download your Affirmative Prayer Sheet Here

Weekly Opportunity

I encourage you to practice an affirmative prayer at least once a day throughout this week.

For best results, begin your morning and end your day with an affirmative prayer that aligns your being with the One Power that dwells not only within you but within all.

Doing this consistently over time will transform your subconscious mind and redirect your life towards the highest and best.

Download your Affirmative Prayer Sheet Here

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely






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