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The Power of Action

The Power of Action

One can sit for days in deep meditation, even travel to remote parts of our world to rest at the feet of a guru in hopes to bring about a transformation in their life.

A person can pray for years, tithe and do everything they’re supposed to do to be considered a religious or spiritual person.

Another can chant for weeks on end, thumb through mala beads and read some of the most inspirational books around.

There are some who have shifted their thoughts towards the positive side of life, written down and envisioned their biggest goals.

As empowering and beneficial as these practices are, there is one ingredient that is required before any change can occur in our lives.


Yes, meditation can bring calmness and peace to your spirit, prayer can empower you to push through the fear, reading and visioning can be powerful practices but unless you are moved to action, it is hard for anything to change.

As Pablo Picasso put it, Action is the foundational key to success.

Daily Actions

If you look back at this past week, month, or year and were asked to identify the primary actions you’ve taken each day, what would these actions be?

Some of these actions could include going to work, watching TV, reading, eating certain foods, working on your dreams, visiting friends and family, and so on.

Each action brings about an equal reaction. Therefore, what we choose to do on a daily basis helps to build our weeks, months and ultimately our lives.

Of all the actions you commit to, what are the key actions that are serving you in becoming your highest and best?

Of all the actions you do each day, which ones are causing you to discount your unique abilities, push your dreams to the side, and allowing you to settle into mediocrity?

The worst habits and most toxic thoughts can be removed by committing to new actions consciously and intentionally.

As great as the knowledge and wisdom found in Science of Mind and other spiritual texts may be, if you aren’t led into new actions, it is hard for transformation to take place in your life.

3 New Actions

Identify 3 New Actions you can take each day this week to help you grow spiritually, mentally and physically. These could be as simple as meditating each morning, asking yourself every few hours how you are using your thoughts, and going on walks each day.

Remember, new actions create a new you.

Create 3 New Actions Below for your Spirit, Mind, and Body:

  • One New Action For My Spirit This Week:
  • One New Action for My Mind This Week:
  • One New Action for My Body This Week:

Weekly Challenge

If you have a calendar handy, each day you do all three of these new actions you’ve identified above, mark the day with a heart.

This heart signifies that you are in alignment with what is calling out to you from your inner world. Be willing to embrace new actions this week and blossom abundantly.  

Be Great.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely 

Jeffon Seely





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