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The Journey: Embodying Spiritual Truth

The Journey

A few weeks ago I visited an elder of the Lummi tribe in Washington State. This tribe is a branch of the Duwamish Native Americans that lived in the Pacific Northwest of America for thousands of years.

Entering their lodge I was amazed by the rich history and culture this tribe has preserved over the years. Large totem poles designed with various faces reached into the sky, canoes carved from large trees hung from the ceiling, and pictures of their sacred practices with nature and the water lined the walls.

As I witnessed all these depictions of their culture, I was excited to speak to the elder about their history and how they are bringing their culture into the modern age.

My friends and I were led to a room tucked away from the main lobby of the lodge where we were greeted by this elder. I was fascinated about his motivational tone, his spiritual expression and his willingness to share rich wisdom with us.

There were many good insights he shared such as the importance of honoring the Earth, empowering young women and helping those in the community who are struggling with addiction, depression, and stress caused by painful events.

There was one thing he said that really stuck with me. As he was discussing the spirituality of his tribe in correlation with the spirituality of the modern day, he made a powerful statement.

He said, “The greatest distance a human being can travel is the distance from their mind to their heart.”

What I took from this is that it is easy for us on this voyage of life to fill our minds with more knowledge and wisdom. We can pick up a book and gain insights, listen to a sermon and be inspired by words, or watch a video and be motivated to make a change. However, without taking that knowledge from the mind and bringing it into the heart, it just becomes more knowledge stored away in our knowledge bank.

As I think about the current state of our world and the amount of spiritual knowledge floating around our globe, it is time for us to not only fill our minds with this wisdom and knowledge, but it is time for us to bring it into our hearts, our lives and the very fabric of our being.

Once spiritual principles are fully embraced in the heart, it becomes the essence of who we are.

Embodying Spiritual Truth

Thinking about how this relates to the Science of Mind, there is one practice we do each week. Many of us take this practice with us into our daily lives as well. That practice is an Affirmative Prayer.

During an Affirmative Prayer, we take time to acknowledge that there is One Presence and Power flowing through the Universe. We understand that we are one with this Divine Presence. Moving from recognition and unification we realize that our lives are guided, directed and led by this inner Power that flows through all things. We state these words with gratitude and then release them out into the universe knowing that what we express cannot return void.

With all the Affirmative Prayers I have done in my life, I’ve noticed that it is one thing to just say the words from an intellectual level and an entirely different thing to say these words from my heart center.

When we say these words or embrace any spiritual truth with our minds alone, these expressions often get clouded by the variety of other thoughts flowing through our minds. On the other hand, if we can say these words with power, using the spirit within to declare these truths and resonate that throughout our bodies, our very cells and atoms begin to reflect these affirmations.

I invite you to look at the way you express spiritual principles.

Are you strictly using your mind or are you using your entire being?

Remember the longest journey we can embark upon begins by packing up the knowledge stored in the mind and inviting it to live in our hearts.

3 Keys To Making The Journey of a Lifetime

1 – Deep Reflection – Meditation, stillness, nature, and being aware of the Source of your thoughts is a great way to bring your attention from the mind and place it in the center of your being. By reflecting a little more each day, not attaching to thoughts but feeling the presence of God flowing in you, can help to bring your awareness into that place of the Infinite that dwells within.

2 – Moment to Moment – Remain aware of and connected to the present moment. By living in the moment, being connected to each breath, feeling your lungs expand and exhale, you can remind yourself that you are living here and now. Often the mind is focused in the past or set in the future. By applying conscious recognition of universal truths in this moment, feeling your heartbeat and Life flowing through you, you can move forward equipped with spiritual truths guiding your steps from the inside out.

3 – Sharing With The World – As we make this inner trek, acknowledging who and what we are from the center of our being while fully connected to this present moment, spiritual truths are no longer words but a way of living. This is when the spiritual principles become the fabric of our being. As our inner world illuminates with this deep wisdom, we show up in every environment we encounter in an enlightened, centered and compassionate way. This is when each movement shares our inner brilliance with the outside world. This is when we are willing to shine our light in the areas of the world where it seems the light has vanished.

Opportunity for the Week

Each day this week commit to doing at least one Affirmative Prayer. Don’t just recite the words, but take the time to reflect deeply upon the words you express. Do so fully connected to this present moment and let these words flow forth from the depths of your spirit.

As you go throughout your day, make a conscious choice to live from your heart space, knowing that when you live from this space, compassion, love, peace and kindness flow with ease.

This week make the journey from the mind to the heart.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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