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3 Keys To Remain Spiritually Grounded During Turbulent Times

Spiritually Grounded During Turbulent Times

These past few months it’s been difficult to avoid the variety of experiences sweeping across the globe. Governments engaging in war with one another, pipelines being built across the sacred land of the natives, politicians debate with one another accusing someone of this and someone of that. An increased discussion about discrimination, stagnant wages, cost of living increases and severe weather rearing its head in different parts of the world.

It seems each time I turn on the news I am bombarded with a rhetoric that fuels one of these situations mentioned above. I rarely watch the news but as I’ve been back west, spending time with my mother and stepfather, it seems the first thing they have on in the morning is the news addressing these topics.

As a human being having a spiritual experience, I’ve made it a mental choice to watch these things and engage in dialogues about these issues from an awakened and empowered state.

While we may find ourselves sway from one side to another as we think about news, politics, discrimination and the current state of the world, all of these things allows us to do something greater.


As we continue down our paths as human beings filled with an Infinite spirit, we need not allow the outside world to taint the preciousness of our inner worlds. This is a call for us to live deeper, to center ourselves in peace and not allow what is happening out there destroy the foundation we have within.

There is a part of me that believes we have chosen to be alive during this time. Not becoming a victim of the world but living deeper, uncovering greater peace and stepping forth with passion, purpose and while honoring our illumination of the Divine within.

Spiritually Grounded While Moving Through The Unknown

Have you noticed the individuals that cultures, religions and history books highlight are those who remained grounded during the most turbulent of times?

Scriptures speak of prophets like Joseph, David and Jesus the Christ who didn’t turn to the chaos around them but rather looked within themselves and tapped into the Infinite.

Modern day leaders like Mahatma Gandhi connected to this Infinite Presence when leading his country towards independence. Not becoming a victim but transcending the barriers, suffering, and corruption.

Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela moved through the darkness of the unknown, connected to the power within and lead people out of the darkness of their minds.

As we go through the ups and downs in our modern age, it is not a time to shy away from truth and join in the toxic discussions surrounding these trying times. Instead, it is our opportunity to embody the spiritual principles we discuss each week, connect with the Infinite and step forth as the solution, the light, and the change.

How will you show up?

3 Keys to Remain Spiritually Grounded

1 – Recognize the Truth – At any moment of our day, despite the good or bad occurring around us, whether or not things are working out, or crumbling apart, we can recognize the truth.

What is this truth?

It is the truth that at the depths of all things is One Power, One Presence, One Energy. Consciously embracing this, inwardly aligning with this, and moving forward on this foundation, we can see beyond the illusions and connect to the One which is everywhere present.

2 – Avoid Toxicity – Remaining spiritually grounded requires us to avoid toxic conversations that demean another person. While you may not agree with people, politicians or the way the government acts, you need not poison your own soul with the negative. Don’t allow things to steal your peace from within you and don’t speak to the ills of the world. Instead, reflect and speak upon the Divine.

3 – Be The Light – The greatest way to transcend the outer world of chaos and seeming darkness is honoring, embracing and sharing your light with the world. From this state of awareness, using your life to your highest and best, there is nothing that can shake your core but that which you allow too. While this may be difficult and while the situations in the world may impact you, don’t allow it to dim your light that forever shines.

Opportunity for the Week

This week, if you watch the news, do so from an elevated perspective.

This week, regardless where you stand on the political divide, stand upon a foundation of truth and recognize the connection we share with humanity.

This week, be the light in your daily life. Shine your light more abundantly within yourself and do your best to share this light with the world.

While we may not shift the outside world, we are always in a position to shift the world we dwell in within ourselves.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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