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The Power of Small Conscious Steps

Small Conscious Steps

Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

As I continue along this voyage of life I’ve realized how important small steps are to the creation of our experience. One small step after another, done consistently over time can transform the trajectory of one life.

Over the past year I’ve taken many of these small steps as I move towards what I believe Spirit, God, the Divine has called me to do; share words of inspiration, empowerment and light across the world.

These small conscious and intentional steps have opened many abundant doors. The doors led me to Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia, helped me meet many new people throughout the United States and, this past week, led me toward a goal I’ve had on my list for quite some time.

These small conscious steps led me to Las Vegas this past week where I gave my first TED talk, which is an international speaking platform viewed by millions of people. (the link for the video will be available in a few weeks)

Power of Small Intentional Steps

As you reflect upon this past week or even the past few months, what are the small steps in your life you’ve dedicated yourself too?

As you move throughout your day-to-day experience, are you moving consciously, remaining aware of why you are doing the things you do?

Often, as life continues and the moment of now becomes the next moment, many of us are living in an almost robotic state. Bills, deadlines, obligations, mortgage payments, 401k’s and a variety of other items fill our minds and at times we forget we are the one’s taking steps each day of our life.

For some, these steps are focused, intentional, and done in a conscious way, realizing the life they live is of their creation. Unfortunately, for others, including myself from time to time, we can move throughout the day with no real sense of direction.

This week I encourage you to embrace your ability to use your inner Essence in such a way that you are aware of the steps you take each moment of each day.

3 Keys Small Conscious Steps Unlock

When you move forward in your life with intentional and conscious steps, your experiences change.

1 – New Connections – The first thing you’ll see when taking small conscious steps is that you meet a variety of new people. These people may be strangers at first, but as you continue forward toward that which is calling out to you, suddenly you see these people are those who will propel you forward. New connections connect you to new opportunities.

2 – New Experiences – If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. As you start taking small conscious steps towards that which is calling out to you from within, new experiences emerge. Even if it seems like you are doing the same old things each day, do them with a high level of consciousness and these everyday obligations will shine in a new way.

3 – Greater Belief in Yourself – The final thing that small conscious steps have unlocked for me is helping me believe more in myself. As you start to see your life unfold in a new way due to small conscious steps, it is a reminder of the power that dwells within you. This is an inner affirmation that helps you see you are the one that assists in the co-creation of your experience.

Believe in yourself and move forward with small conscious steps each day.

This Week

This week I challenge you to take as many small conscious steps as possible.

Each moment embrace your ability to assist in the direction of your life. You need not see the entirety of how your life will unfold, simply be here now and live each moment to the fullest.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely 

Jeffon Seely





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