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Sacred Wisdom of the Native Americans

Sacred Wisdom

Each day is truly exceptional when we are willing to open our minds and heart to the beauty all around us. For myself, these past few weeks have been incredible as I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the west coast of America sharing a message of peace, love and light.

Three of my friends and I have traveled through Washington, Oregon, California, into Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Canada sharing music, inspiration and art. Each stop along the way has been a life altering experience but there is one place that has impacted me greater than any other, spending time with the Native Americans on their sacred land.

Our first experience was visiting a Longhouse (place of welcome) in Washington state. The moment we walked into this place we were greeted with open hearts, compassion and kindness. The next experience was being invited to attend a Sunrise Ceremony with the Apache Natives as they honored a young girl stepping into womanhood. From here we ventured to the sacred land of the Hopi where we learned about their prophecies and their spiritual connection with the earth.

From the Hopi we visited the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, the Arapaho and Shoshone in Wyoming and the Aaiinh and Blackfeet in Montana.

Each experience with these tribes reached a deep level of my spirit as I listened to the wisdom they shared, the light that shined through them and the history and culture they told us about.

As I reflect upon these profound experiences I am humbled by the amount of strength they’ve had throughout the past few centuries, the way their ancient roots are still seen through their ceremonies, and the compassion they have for our Mother Earth.

I am excited to continue to cultivate relationships with them as my life unfolds and learning more about these holy people who inhabited this continent for thousands of years.

Ancient Roots

It is interesting to think about the history many of us have been taught about the Native Americans. Growing up I was told that they were savages, had little technology and were of little use to the settlers that made their way westward.

As I’ve listened to the wise elders of these tribes I’ve learned how they’ve worked in harmony with the earth for countless years, how they lived alongside each other and while disputes and wars occurred it was never meant to eradicate an entire tribe.

It was interesting to open my consciousness up to the injustices that have spread throughout many tribes and the atrocities they’ve faced especially throughout the past 200 years.

From being displaced from their sacred lands and placed on reservations with rival tribes, to being persecuted for celebrating their holy ceremonies all the way up until the 1970’s, to having their culture, language and connection with the earth stripped away from them as they were forced into border schools and realizing how close to the brink of extinction they were.

Despite these seeming horrific conditions I’ve witnessed that their ancient wisdom has never left them. Their sacred roots are helping them to blossom in unique ways, being a guiding light in this modern age we are all apart of.

It is these ancient roots that are allowing these tribes to bloom in new ways through the youth, the medicine men and women and the wise elders who carry on their tradition.

As I write this I am driving through Blackfeet country and can’t help but reflect on the universal principles I’ve learned so far from these indigenous people. These principles of truth resemble so much of what we discuss at CSL organizations and are found in the Science of Mind.

Let us embrace their wisdom.

Sacred Wisdom of the Native Americans

1 – Mother Earth – One thing that every tribe I’ve visited has expressed is the importance of honoring, respecting and aligning with the sacred planet that we dwell upon. Regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or where we currently live, we are all children of Mother Earth. Being that we are children of this planet means that all people are our brothers and sister and deserve kindness, compassion and respect.

2 – Father Sky – Another thing all the wise elders have expressed in one form or another is Father Sky. From my understanding it is Father Sky and Mother Earth that have aligned in such a divine way to produce you and I. As we look up into the night sky the stars shine upon us and the abundant sun greets us each morning we have to experience. It is a divine dance.

3 – Honoring the Women – Being apart of the Sunrise Ceremony with the Apache I was in awe as I witnessed the whole community come together to honor an 11 year old girl as she transitions towards womanhood. It reminded me that the greatest men come forth from a woman. As we honor the women of our planet we are honoring the Creator and the sacred order of nature that weaves our lives together.

4 – Spiritual Living – One of the most insightful things I’ve learned was from a Hopi Elder where he told us that unlike most of the western world, their spiritual practices don’t take place once a week but their spirituality encompasses each moment of each day. It was a reminder that each second of our life is a sacred experience with the Creator.

5 – One Creator – Also I learned that all the sacred songs they sing, the cultivation of the earth, the holy ceremonies performed and the appreciation of Mother Earth and Father Sky is done as a way to honor the One Creator. This is the Creator that all spiritual paths seem to speak of, it is found in the Science of Mind, flows through the Bible and Quran and is the One, Almighty, Divine Essence that is all encompassing. This is the Golden Thread of Life.

Opportunity of the Week

This week I’d like to challenge you to open your mind to the Native Americans who once dwelled in your backyard.

Be wiling to look deeper than the history books and connect to the true wisdom these indigenous people brought forth into our planet.

Be grateful unto all of life.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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