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Resurrect Thyself: The Deeper Meaning of Easter

Resurrect Thyself: Hidden Meaning

The days silently stretch, holding their light a little longer as the leaves slowly return to the trees and bees hover from blossom to blossom. The warmth from above returns to the cold fields as the dormant seeds awaken from their slumber.

Stories of resurrections, rabbits, and century old traditions float through the spring air.

The biggest event taking place during this season is celebrated by nearly 2 billion people. The celebration I’m talking about is Easter.

It’s upon this holiday I’d like to speak. Before I do however, it’s important for me to share this *Disclaimer.

*Disclaimer for content below: If you are unwilling to open your mind and heart, please don’t continue. The views expressed below are not meant to hurt or degrade any person or religion. This is just an empowering perspective from within myself.

Deeper Meaning of Easter

Please note, I obviously did not live during the time of the great prophets who fill the canons of today’s religions. Because I did not live during this time, know these people, or see what the spiritual books speak of, I can only speak from my perspective; that which is brought to life through my consciousness.

I think that Easter has a deeper, much more personal meaning than the one we give it. I say this because in the past I was taught to praise and give thanks for the resurrection of a man I never met.

While the life of Christ means something to about 1/3 of our planet, I think Easter has little to do with this man and 100% to do with YOU and ME.

We can look out across our planet and see lush life returning during this season, but more than this resurrection of seeds, extended periods of light and tree blossoms, there is a resurrection taking place within ourselves.

Each day we are born again. Suddenly, the second coming becomes personal.

Someone Just Called Me Blasphemous

To better understand and address those who may call this b.s., we should remember from whence we came.

We are all expressions of the infinite Universe. Elements, minerals, and energy from ancient stars helped form this incredible planet we call home. Atoms, molecules, cells, combine and intertwine, giving rise to life. We are products, expressions of this Divine Order that has been present throughout time.

Each of us are filled with the same elements as the stars above, we are connected to the earth beneath our feet and with one another.

As you open your mind to these universal truths, you remember that it is You and You alone who can influence your life. This is not done through some magical power, special prayer, or through some mythical figure in the past, this is done through the conscious use of your thoughts, choices and actions.

Great freedom is found when we remember this life we live is a gift from *Source Itself, no middleman needed.

*Please feel free to substitute Source for God, Allah, Jah, Intelligence, Divine, Energy, Essence, Light or Life.

The same Essence and Energy that beats your heart, holds the stars in space, and empowers our planet to spin.

You are a child of the Most High.

So Now What

Now comes the time to resurrect your life. Each day we have the opportunity to rise to higher levels. Higher levels in our personal lives, financial lives, in our businesses, our relationships and spiritually. As we do this, the old version of ourselves dies and we are literally born again.

The second coming many people are waiting for is the birth of their greatest self.

By becoming better each day, you are constantly resurrecting, building, creating a new you.

Easter Key Takeaway

Arise from thy slumber.

Clear the cobwebs from your mind.

Be the person you are created to be.

You don’t need a middleman between you and *Source. You are empowered by Life Itself, each day, from now until forever.


 *Please feel free to substitute Source for God, Allah, Jah, Intelligence, Divine, Energy, Essence, Light or Life.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely 
Jeffon Seely





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