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3 Key Ways To Remain Centered In The Present Moment

Present Moment

Life is unfolding in Its highest state, revealing endless magnificence in this very moment. Outside of our windows trees are deepening their roots while stretching towards the heavens of the abundant sun showering rays upon this planet.

Mother Earth slowly spins in a vast galaxy as ocean tides reach their peak and then slowly recede into deep waters filled with an array of sea life. Walking upon the land animals graze across great plains devouring fresh blades of grass that have burst through the nutrient dense soil. Oxygen molecules coat lungs as carbon dioxide is exhaled into the atmosphere.

Thoughts flash through the minds of the masses, choices are embraced and actions propel people forward or keep them stuck in place.

All of this is happening now, yet it seems the majority of people separate themselves from this present moment, stuck in the past or pulled far into the future forgetting the infinite Life taking place right now.

Remaining Centered In The Present Moment

Ask yourself, am I connected too and aware of this moment of now that I am experiencing?

Do you feel the ground beneath you, your heart beating within you, your lungs expanding and contracting, your eyelids blinking, the seat that you’re sitting upon and the clothes resting on your body?

For myself, I realize there are times when I am completely unaware of this present moment. Painful memories from the past can glaze over my mind and I am pulled from this powerful moment of now. Other times I am aiming so far in the future, depending on certain experiences I forget that I am assisting in the co-creation of my life today.

As I travel down this spiritual path, this infinite walkway towards an inner state of enlightenment, I am reminded despite the situations of yesterday and the goals of tomorrow, I can only live my life in this present moment.

Embracing this powerful realization we can all move toward self-mastery, honoring our ability to direct and control our minds and actions to whatever ends we desire.

The one thing we always have control over is how we will handle ourselves, what thoughts we will allow in our mind and what actions we’ll commit to in this moment of Now.

3 Key Ways To Remain Centered In The Present Moment

Allow these 3 Keys to enter your consciousness and you’ll find yourself centered in this abundant moment of now.

1 – Your Heartbeat – In the midst of a busy day, dealing with upsetting situations, sitting on your front porch, or walking through a grocery store one of the best ways to remain aware of this present moment is to feel your heart beating within you. By recognizing the beating of your heart you are reminded you are living here and now and each beat of the heart is unique and essential to your life. Studies suggest that our heart beats over 100,000 times a day, do your best to remain aware of at least 20 of these beats each day.

2 – Your Breath – Long, deep breaths bring power to and through your body. As with your heartbeat each breath is essential in the unfoldment and expansion of your life. To remain centered in this moment be aware of your breath and concentrate on the life flowing through you. When things get hectic, stressful or overwhelming, you can always reconnect with this breath you are breathing here and now, realizing that life is unfolding from this moment forward.  

3 – Thoughts In The Now – The final Key to remain centered in this present moment is to be as conscious as possible to the thoughts you are thinking. The thoughts you think on a moment-to-moment basis act as bricks that assist you in assembling your life. If you wish for things to change all you must do is to shift your thoughts in this moment, being aware of and conscious of the thoughts you are focused upon.

This is Power. This is the Power of the Present Moment.

Opportunity of the Week

Catch yourself when you start to separate from the present moment.

Each time you feel yourself drift away from this eternal moment of now, reconnect yourself with the power, the magnificence and the flow of life that is dwelling at the depths of you.  

“Your true home is in the here and the now.” – Thich Nhat Hahn

Be Present.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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