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5 Keys To Building the Foundation For A Prosperous 2016

Building the Foundation for a Prosperous 2016

2015 is slowly coming to an end. For some of us, 2015 brought with it times of joy, happiness, love and new connections. For others it may have brought with it pain, worry, doubt and frustration.

Regardless of how you look back at 2015, there’s a few things we share in common.

First and foremost, by December 31st, we will all have experienced 8,760 hours. All of these hours are different for each of us. Some may have spent these hours thinking thoughts of peace, deep in spiritual practice, serving others and uplifting their communities, while others may have carried negative thoughts, destructive habits and toxic actions, which has kept them in a similar place throughout the year.

Another thing we share in common is the beating of our hearts. It has been said that our hearts beat 100,000 times per day, which means we’ve experienced over 36 million heartbeats, pumping blood throughout our body temple.

How many of these heartbeats were you aware of?

In addition to the hours we share and the heartbeats that connect us with Life, we’ve all breathed each day of 2015. With the average person taking 28,000 breaths a day, by December 31st we will have taken over 10 million breaths.

Of all those sacred oxygen molecules empowering your body temple, how many of them were you aware of?

I ask these questions because regardless of where you find yourself as we conclude this year, 2016 is filled with limitless possibilities and you are holding the paintbrush that can color it anyway you’d like.

Remember, you are a reflection of the Divine.

My question is, what type of experiences will you invite into your life for the new year ahead?

The Path To The Present

Everyday is great for reflecting but the end of the year has a magical feeling about it. I would like to invite you to spend time in the stillness of your being and consciously reflect through 2015.

In this reflection highlight the good, the bad, the in-between, the times of joy and times of stress and recognize the Divine which has been flowing through it all.

Spend time identifying where you are in life. Do so consciously and peacefully. Further recognize that where you are today is an accumulation of the thoughts, choices and actions you’ve embraced and committed to throughout 2015.

If you are hoping to move toward a new future, new ideas, prosperity, health, or abundance, all you must do is use your sacred tools (thoughts, choices, and actions) in a conscious and intentional way in the days ahead.

Wherever you are in this present moment, regardless of what you’d like to invite into your life, this is the perfect time to construct a healthy, prosperous and sturdy foundation built upon truth for this limitless year that is upon us.

Honor your Divine Light in 2016. Be willing to let your Light shine.

5 Keys To Building  A Prosperous Foundation for 2016

1 – Forgiveness – If there is someone who you need to forgive, be the one who brings that forgiveness forward. If you need to be forgiven, then be the one willing to apologize, there is no need to carry the pain of the past with you into a fresh and new year. While some things are easier to forgive than others, center yourself deep in truth, align with the Divine and extend a forgiving heart overflowing with compassion.

2 – Self Love – Spend time in the stillness of your being and recognize all the things you love about you. Often, we highlight another person while at the same time degrading ourselves. Take a moment to send love through each thought, each organ, each cell and molecule that fills your body. Send a wave of love throughout your body and continue to do this each day of 2016. It is quite difficult to find love in the outer world if we cannot find any love within ourselves. Be your best friend this year.

3 – Trusting The Process – Draw closer to spiritual law. This is not some chiseled out stone tablet passed down throughout the ages. Spiritual law is a simple understanding that the thoughts, choices and actions we commit on a daily basis builds our physical world. Take time to think thoughts of truth, choose choices that empower you from the depths of your being and commit conscious actions centered in love, peace, compassion and abundance. Each day of your life you are assisting in the co-creation of your experience. What will you create in 2016?

4 – Developing a Spiritual Practice – One of the most powerful things we can embrace to build an abundant foundation in 2016 is developing a spiritual practice. I would like to encourage you each day to spend time in meditation, prayer and mindfulness. You see, when you develop a spiritual practice you can move throughout your day mindfully, awake, aware and centered. Whether your spiritual practice is 5 minutes or 55 minutes, spend time each day connecting with the Divinity that is ever-present.

5 – Uplifting and Empowering Family and Friends – In 2016 be willing to be the light that reminds the people you love of the light shining within them. Allow your forgiveness, self love and spiritual practice to radiate from you in such a way that you effortlessly and peacefully become a beneficial presence to all. Uplift those you love, the communities you live and the world we are apart of. You truly do make a difference.

Truth and Abundance For 2016

Make this year the best it can be by forgiving, loving, embracing the law, developing a spiritual practice and uplifting everyone, everywhere.

This year can only be as great as you decide it shall be.

Thank you for making 2015 so incredible.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely






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