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Propelled By Greatness: Setting Vertical Goals

Vertical Goals

If we pause for a moment and look out at our lives, recognizing the countless things going right, it is hard for our minds to focus on the negativity that flows around the planet.

At any given moment, we can allow our consciousness to dwell upon the countless blessings that fill our lives.

Things like this breath we are breathing, our heart that beats, mind that thinks, earth beneath us, and the abundant sun that shines. Focusing on the good, we have no room for the seemingly bad.

With all these things going right, providing us with this gift of life, it becomes our responsibility how we will show up in the world. We are the ones who assist in assembling our reality by way of our thoughts, choices, and actions. All of which are empowered by the Source that empowers all.

When we think about how we use our lives, most of us come up with goals and dreams. Things we’d like to attain or become as our lives continue forward.

I’ve had many goals throughout my life. Things like finishing high school, graduating college, writing my first book, releasing music and starting my business.

As I think about these goals of the past and my goals for today, I realized most of the goals I’ve set have been horizontal in nature. By this I mean, I’ve had to move through time and space to accomplish these goals.

There is nothing wrong with these type of goals that help you reach different things in your physical life. In this post, however, I’d like to share a different type of goal. A vertical goal.

Horizontal Goals vs. Vertical Goals

Horizontal goals are what we construct on new year’s, it’s a weight-loss goal, a financial goal, a business goal and relationship goals. These goals are great and challenge each of us to get better if we will put in the work.

A vertical goal, however, is a goal that connects to your core. A vertical goal does not require time or space though these things help. Instead, a vertical goal requires you to go deeper within your being.

Setting a vertical goal helps you align with your inner purpose. A vertical goal is when you quiet your spirit and listen to the still small voice within. A vertical goal is when you connect with the unique gifts within that bring you to life and transforms your inner world.

If we are willing to set vertical goals, they will help us soar beyond our horizontal goals. We see exceptional athletes, extraordinary business professionals, spiritually awakened individuals and peacemakers connect with these vertical goals that remind them what they are here for.

You and I can connect with these vertical goals. We can ask ourselves why are we here? What is the purpose of our lives? What are the unique gifts we have within we wish to share with the world?

Answering these questions will awaken the Infinite that dwells within and propels us into new levels of life.

3 Keys to Identify Vertical Goals

1 – What Calls Out To You? – Be willing to listen with your inner ears and explore your inner world with inner eyes. When we quiet ourselves from the chatter of the physical world and connect with the Source within we catch hints as to why we are here. We begin to see what is calling out to us and the gifts we may have been suppressing. To help with this process, pull out a piece of paper and jot down a few things that have been calling out to you for the past few weeks, months, or years.  

2 – Living With Passion – Identifying our vertical goals will help us live with more passion. If we are passionate about our lives, we move through our days with more energy and persistence. Living with passion helps us push through limitations, lack, fear and worry. As you identify your vertical goals, dwelling deeper, ensure you connect with that which brings you to life. Ask yourself, what things bring joy to my inner world?

3 – Putting Vertical Purpose In Motion – When you know that you are in alignment with your vertical goals, you will no longer have to push through the world to attain horizontal goals. Instead, you will have an inner pull that puts more motion in your everyday life. Often we push and push to reach outer goals until we stumble upon our purpose within which begins to pull us forward.

Opportunity for the Week

This week identify your vertical purpose.

Do this by spending time in the peace and presence of your being.

Listen deeply. Look within. Take heed to the whispers. Be pulled by your greatness.

My vertical goal is to embody the Infinite in all my interactions and use the Infinite within to bring peace to the world and hope to the youth.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely’

Jeffon Seely





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