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Profound Wisdom of Science of Mind and 5 FAQ’s

The Path to Science of Mind

It was a little over 3 years ago when I moved to Atlanta, Georgia after leaving the west coast. I still remember driving through the busy city, passing a church on what seemed to be every other corner when I asked myself, “With all these churches, is there a spiritual church that supports what I feel to be true?”

You see, growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah I was apart of the Mormon church for my first 14 years of life but something didn’t align with my spirit. I remember listening to the Sunday school lessons and asking myself how they knew all these things were true.

My grandma eventually gave me the choice if I wanted to go or not and I told her I just didn’t believe everything they were saying.

After graduating high school in Utah, I moved to Seattle to begin my college studies. My father lived in Seattle and went to a small Baptist church and being that I was still seeking, I joined him every Sunday to hear the service.

I resonated with this place more than the Mormon church and dove deep into the bible. After a year or so, I remember thinking about the life of Jesus and I concluded that Jesus was not the great exception, but the example of who we are. This thought didn’t sit well with the pastor and I eventually stopped going but continued to read the bible.

During my college years one of my father’s friends opened my mind to this spiritual field called, “New Thought.

He gave me a book entitled Course in Miracles and The Way to the Kingdom. These books shook my soul.

They were talking about things I thought only I believed. They spoke about the power of mind and the “Christ Consciousness.”

It was at this time that my life shifted and transformed. It was at this time I began to open my mind to the incredible wisdom of New Thought.

Meanwhile, here in Atlanta after seeing more churches than I ever saw in my life, I eventually opened my laptop, pulled up Google and typed in spiritual centers in Georgia.

This was the first time I was exposed to the profound wisdom of the Science of Mind.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

Once I started asking deeper questions at the churches I attended I realized I had to look deeper to uncover the answers.

At first I was intrigued with how an Omnipotent, All-Encompassing God, that created everything was so concerned with Its creation that It actually created a devil out of Itself to send people to.

This didn’t add up in my small mind in Utah.

As I grew, I began to ask people how they knew that Jesus was the only prophet, especially when he said that we can do greater things than he. I started to look at him as our equal, a man empowered by God, instead of someone who I must feel less than.

Following these questions, I remember looking back into ancient history at the variety of myths, religions and rituals throughout time. As I studied I noticed countless similarities throughout ancient Africa, Asia, Middle East, Native America and Europe. It seemed that everything was connected and built upon one another. The one thing that stood out was how they all spoke of an invisible Essence, a God that was beneath it all and created all things.

I began seeking and as I sought, various insights began to appear in the form of people, books and new thought movements that aligned with what I inwardly believed to be true.

Since this time, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across America speaking at spiritual communities. I’ve also began breaking these deeper ideas down and sharing them at schools and have been applying these spiritual principles in my life for many years now.

Everywhere I go, I am asked a handful of questions. Below you’ll find the 5 most asked.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Science of Mind

1 – Do You Believe in God? – As I’ve continued my spiritual journey, embracing the wisdom of Science of Mind I realized at a deep level that there is one God. This word God could also be Universe, Energy, Infinite Intelligence, Source, Divine Presence, or the Essence of Life. This is the One from which all things come from, the space in which all things dwell and the Source that all things go back into. It is perfect, whole and complete. It is not male or female, for God simply is.

2 – Are You Saved? – On the New Thought path, one realizes they need not be saved from anything. In fact, instead of seeking salvation, one should recognize they are endlessly supported in all they do by Source Itself. For instance, what is beating your heart, dividing your cells, giving life to your atoms, or breathing oxygen through you? As one begins to see God everywhere, one realizes the Divine is always supporting you.

3 – How Can You Apply Science of Mind To Your Life? – As you continue down the spiritual path, opening your consciousness to deeper truths you begin to see you are the captain of your fate, master of your destiny. We are creating our lives each moment of each day. This is done through the Divine that wakes us up and empowers us to think thoughts, choose choices and commit to actions. Applying the Science of Mind to your life requires you to admit responsibility for each experience in your life.

4 – How Can I Create What I Want In Life? – Our thoughts become things. If you are seeking to create more in your life you must use the tools you already possess, thoughts. Each thought we think flows into our subconscious mind. A thought dwelled upon time and time again impresses our subconscious and eventually appears in the outer world. Therefore, if you seek to shift your life, you must begin from within; begin with your thoughts.

5 – What About Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and the Other Prophets? – Every prophet, mystic and enlightened mind who has walked the face of this planet are not the great exceptions, they are not the only ones with light and power, they are the examples pointing to the greatness within ourselves. We are as worthy and valuable as anyone who has ever existed.

Look Deeper

I encourage you to look deeper at your life. Have the courage to ask questions and be willing to open your mind to the profound truth that can be found right where you are.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely






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