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5 Key Ways To Remain In The Present Moment

5 Key Ways To Remain In The Present Moment

The other week I traveled back west and spent time with some of the people I love most, my family. My week-long trip was extended and I got to spend nearly 3 weeks with them.

During this vacation I spent a lot of time with my mother. I know this trip was destined to be because of the insights, ideas and inspiration that blossomed during these 3 weeks.

I recall sitting with my mom in the living room, CNN was blasting through the space around us and we discussed some of the things the previous year brought our way.

We mentioned things like goals, people we’d met and people we knew who had transitioned onto the next plane of existence. I shared some highlights from my year, like speaking across the country, putting my newest book out and being able to conduct workshops all over the nation.

I also shared a few of the stressful situations I went through like the first house I bought and flipped, the ever-going hustle of being an entrepreneur and a few of the people closest to me who were struggling in their own lives.

During this conversation my mom brought up an important topic I feel touches us all from time to time. She asked me how to cope with times of anxiousness, overwhelm and frustrations that can coat our lives with gloom, worry and despair.

It was at this time I expressed to my mother the one thing that helps me during these trying times and that is the power of being present.

Wherever you find yourself, regardless of how good or bad things may be, despite the medical reports, the deadlines, or the news that fills the airwaves, we can all embrace the beauty of centering ourselves in this present moment of now.

Why The Present Moment Is So Powerful

For those who open their consciousness to the beauty of the present moment, the power uncovered is strong enough to shift the trajectory of one’s life.

The reason for this is because the present moment teaches us that moment to moment we are allowing thoughts to float through our sacred mind. By remaining connected to this present moment, we see we can direct our thoughts to whatever end our hearts desire.

As the thinker in our individual life we see by being present with the thoughts we are focused upon here and now, we can find forgiveness in the seemingly unforgivable, we can soar above the limitations of the past, plan for the future and begin in this very moment to find healing for the ailments that may have tainted our lives.

I believe the present moment is so incredible because this present moment is all we really have.

After all, why waste this moment by being consumed with the past or worried about the future? This moment is creating who we will be in the days ahead.

5 Key Ways To Connect With The Present Moment

Try one of these 5 keys to assist you center yourself in this present moment today:

1 – Breathe Deep – Breathing can only happen in this moment of now. We cannot survive in this moment with the breath we breathed last week. By becoming conscious and aware of this breath we breathe we become centered in this moment. Next time things are going great, bad, or anywhere in-between, center yourself by connecting to the sacred breath you breathe.

2 – Look Around – Wherever you may be, look around you. What do you see? Be aware of the colors, sights, shadows, light, and the space that blesses your presence this very moment. By looking around in a conscious way being aware of the beauty that fills the space in which you rest, you assist yourself in becoming centered in this present moment. Next time you feel overwhelm or stress creeping in, look around and be aware of what is taking place around you in the here and now.

3 – Listen To The Sounds – As we consciously listen to all that is taking place around us, we recognize the life flowing around us in the present moment of now. The next time you are in a busy store, walking through your neighborhood, stuck in traffic, or in the peace of your own home, be still and listen. Be attentive to people’s voices, recognize the birds chirping, cars moving, and wind blowing around you. By being aware of the sounds in this moment, you’ll become connected to the present.

4 – Feel – Feel what is taking place around you and within you. Feel the seat beneath you, feel your heart beating within you, feel the air flowing through you. By being aware of the feeling and sensations of your body, you center yourself in this moment of now.

5 – Be Aware of Your Thoughts – What thoughts are gracing your consciousness in this moment? Try to be aware of the thoughts you are allowing to flash in your sacred mind. By being aware of the thoughts you think on a moment to moment basis, you remind yourself that you are assisting in the creation of your life with the thoughts you think today. When worry, doubt or fear enter your mind, be aware of the thoughts you are focused upon in this present moment. Thinking a new thought can change your life.

Weekly Opportunity For Growth

I would like to invite you to do your best to remain centered and aware of the present moment this week.

For the next 7 days be aware of the breath you are breathing in this present moment.

For the next 168 hours, keep an awareness of the sights that surround you each passing moment.

For the next 10,080 minutes be aware of the sounds taking place around you.

For the next 604,800 seconds be aware of the sensations and feelings with each step you take, each seat you sit upon and each time you lay down to rest… be present.

For the next week remind yourself that each thought you think in this present moment becomes the fabric that is woven into the days of tomorrow.

This week, be present in this moment.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely


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