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Prepare Your Inner Garden For An Abundant Harvest

Prepare Your Inner Garden

Springtime is upon us. This is a great time of year, when we get to soak up the abundant rays of the sun and prepare our gardens.

For most of us, this means going outside, putting on our gloves and getting to work.

However, before you take time to venture outdoors to tend to the weeds that fill your garden patch, let’s tend to the overgrown garden we have within ourselves.

Here are 10 ways to prepare your inner garden for the prosperous months that are quickly approaching.

Doing this work will help your seeds of possibility blossom more abundantly. It will help you clear the toxic weeds that can choke out your dreams of endless opportunity and help you get that all important inner work done.

10 Quick Ways To Prepare Your Inner Garden For Spring

1. Gather the Tools Necessary

It becomes extremely difficult to prep our inner garden if we arrive without tools. Therefore, before you make the trip to your inner garden, gather the tools necessary. The tools that work best for our inner garden are simple, yet often forgotten.Three of the most important tools are:

  • Stillness
  • Quietness
  • Meditation (Locate the Thinker)

2. Till Soil (Add Amendments)

After locating the tools necessary you are now ready to till the soil. This involves stirring, mixing, and adding new minerals and amendments to the soil.

The way you do this in your inner garden is to mix up your comfort zones, stir your life up, and add new insights, ideas and thoughts to your experience. Tilling the soil is essential and helps the ground be ready to receive the seeds you will sow in the near future.

3. Pull the Weeds

Even after tilling the soil, you’ll continue to see weeds sprouting up. The weeds in our inner garden are toxic thoughts of doubt, fear and worry. Weeds can also appear as stress, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, and self perceived limitations.

The easiest way to pull these weeds from your garden is to choke the life out of them. You do that by no longer watering them with your thoughts. Pull the weeds from your inner garden by moving your attention away from the obstacles and toward the blessings that fill your experience each day (even if they’re hard to see).

4. Gather Seeds

You’ve got your tools, tilled your soil and pulled the weeds, now it’s time to gather your seeds. This requires you to look within and identify the thoughts you would like to sow in your inner garden. Just as weeds have sprouted, any thought you sow in the inner garden will sprout.

It’s imperative to clearly identify the thoughts you would like to see grow and develop in your life.

5. Clean Water Source

Before you plant your seeds, please make sure you have a clean and pure source of water. You can plant the most beautiful seed but without water even the seed of infinite possibility won’t be able to grow.

Your water source within you is the stream of your thoughts. Before you sow the seeds, ensure you’ve created a pure and constant stream that flows into your inner meadow.

6. Set Up Rows For Planting

Next, set yourself up for success. You do this by setting up your planting rows to capture the abundance of the sun, maximize the flow of water and rainfall, as well as aligning them so they are easy for you to get to and tend to. As Stephen Covey put in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Align your inner garden in a way that supports and champions your greatest dreams, aspirations, and desires.

7. Fertilizing Schedule

If you want to grow the biggest plants and yield the greatest harvest you must have a solid fertilizing schedule. In nature this is done in the form of compost teas (all natural and organic fertilizing). Regarding our inner garden, the best fertilizer is being in the presence of positive people, empowering environments, reading inspirational material, filling our consciousness with peace, power and positivity.

Everything you let into your mind eventually flows into your inner garden. Don’t pollute it with nonsense.

8. Clean and Protected Area

Before your precious seeds of potential begin sprouting, ensure your sacred garden is protected from outside forces. In the physical world you should be aware of animals and pests. We should protect our inner garden from others who would trample on our dreams, pests that drain the energy out of our lives and thieves lurking in wait for our harvest.

The best way to protect your garden is to be aware of your surroundings, spending your time on things that matter most to you, and being willing to say NO to the things that don’t.

9. Positive Attitude

You can have the most abundant soil, the greatest seeds, and a garden set up for success, but if you go in there with a negative and destructive attitude, even the brightest plants will suffer. Recognizing this, we must keep our attitude in a positive place.

The greatest way to do this is to draw closer to the Life within. Dwelling from this sacred space, a negative attitude is easily overpowered as we tap into the endless source of Love, Peace and Good within.

10. Do the Work

Now comes the most important time, WORK. You can have the grandest dreams, have a plan to accomplish your aspirations but if you don’t move into action, nothing will happen, NADA. So how do we do the work in our inner garden? We bring our inner dreams, aspirations to life through our actions. We do what must be done today by remaining aware of, and engaged in, this precious moment of now.


Don’t let your inner garden become overgrown and contaminated with weeds of fear and life-draining pests.

Prepare Your Inner Garden with Gratitude.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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