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The Power of Oneness

The Power of Oneness

A common term that is discussed frequently in spiritual communities is the word “oneness”. This word can mean many things depending on the person you ask.

For some, this idea of oneness means being one with the God, being one with the Divine. For others, this oneness might mean being one with the spirit that resides in the body. To some oneness may mean oneness with other people or the planet we are upon.

When I think about this word, I believe it means all of these things. Recognizing our oneness with Life means we consciously recognize the oneness we share with God, the oneness we share with the inner Essence that empowers our lives, and the oneness we share with each person, with our planet and the universe.

What would your life begin to look like if you were able to look beyond the things you once believed separated you from another person and were able to connect on a deep level to that Divine Essence that unifies all?

When I think about walking upon the spiritual path, embodying oneness in one’s individual life is the sign of a highly enlightened individual.

What are the thoughts and ideas that prevent you from seeing the oneness you share with everything and everyone?

Recognizing The One Within

One of the best ways to recognize the unity you share with all of life is to consciously focus upon the Life that flows through your being. Recognizing on a deep level that the same Essence and Energy that fills each of your atoms and all your cells is the same Essence and Energy that flows throughout the universe.

As you start to keep your consciousness focused on this unification, you begin to see that everyone else also shares this oneness with Life.

In Science of Mind, honoring the unification we have with God is imperative to affirming our power. It is also an important step in expressing an affirmative prayer.

As you feel this One Power flowing through you on every level of your being, seeing this One Power flow through each person you pass, and in all environments you enter, you start to see everywhere you go you are supported by this One Power.

There is no spot where God is not. God can never depart from you for through God you are, have been and will forever be.

5 Keys To Moving Towards Oneness

1 – Remain Aligned – Catch yourself when your mind begins to slip from the unification you share with Source. In mind, heart, spirit and feeling, remain aware of the oneness you share with God. This is best done moment by moment, thought by thought.

2- Seeing the One – When you go throughout your day, begin to build the habit of seeing the One Power everywhere you are. When passing people, know that the same Essence that awakened you this morning also awakened them. When you look up to the sky, see that this One Power is there in the clouds, in the blue sky and in the sun. Wherever you find yourself, be willing to see God in everything.

3- Breaking Down Internal Barriers – It can be difficult to see the One Power if we believe others are separate from this Essence. Be willing to look at your habitual thought patterns and explore your inner world to break down the boundaries that make you feel separate from others. Conflict, suffering and struggle flourish when we believe we are separate from the One.

4 – Universal Connection – The same elements that empower your body temple are the elements found in the stars above. Oxygen, hydrogen and carbon flow through the cosmos and flow through our beings. Build the spiritual practice of feeling your connection with the universe and understand everyone else is also birthed forth from this One Presence that flows through all.  

5 – Spiritual Practice – Invite this knowing into your conscious mind each day. When you set time aside for meditation, be aware of the One Power. When you pray, consciously embrace the One Power. Live mindfully and invite this higher awareness into your conscious mind multiple times a day.

Opportunity of the Week

Everywhere you go, embrace the oneness you share with All.

Quote to Carry With You

I am absolutely affirming to you that if you consciously birth your actions from the rooted center of your being and do not divide but remain single, not only will you do like this with the fig tree but even if you affirm to this mountain, lift up and fall into the sea you have already experienced the exact thing that you have asked for. That which you root in mind and root in your being in living is exactly what will become manifest. – Dale Allen Hoffman

*Source, Divine, Essence, Energy, Life, God, One Power, Presence, the Infinite, all are words that are used to encompass the All Encompassing. Don’t get caught up on the words, for I have yet to find a word that can encompass the Life which all life is from.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely 

Jeffon Seely

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