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Positive Vibes: Raising Your Vibration

Positive Vibes: Raising Your Vibration

Wherever we go, there we are. In every room we enter, every environment we move, our energy goes with us. This energy we bring with us as we venture throughout our day can be received positive or negative. The energy we share with others dictates the energy we’ll receive back.

As I was traveling this past week, spending time with my family in Arizona, visiting with my aunt and uncle in Nevada and at a layover I had in Chicago, I realized how powerful my vibes are. The energy I carried with me affected how people responded to me as well as created the situations I experienced.

After traveling home on an airline I don’t really like and having a somewhat difficult experience with them in the morning, I caught myself as I was talking to one of their gate agents. After receiving an unexpected charge for my seats and bags, I reminded myself that I need not let the outside world control how I feel within. Instead of finding a reason to prove her wrong, I paid the necessary fees and didn’t allow it to rule my day.

Next came an extended layover in Chicago. I would have allowed this 5-hour delay steal the joy from my day, instead, I caught myself before my mind spun in a downward spiral. I chose to take the time to notice the diversity surrounding me, the lives of people I may only see once and to catch up on some work.

Shifting my energy into a positive tone not only helped me handle the potentially stressful situations but reminded me of the power of mindfulness, positivity and choosing happiness at all times.

Elevating Your Vibration

When we go into our places of employment, enter our homes, purchase something from a store, or speak with someone over the phone, positive vibes transcend space and time and are picked up by the spirit of others.

Walking this spiritual path provides us with an opportunity to bring a light of peace, love, and appreciation everywhere we go. As I’ve heard someone tell me, it is always easier to be positive, even when going through negative situations. Positive makes the negative more bearable and provides you with the chance to transcend the problem at hand.

On the flip side, if you move with a negative attitude, not only does it taint your own inner peace, but everyone around you can pick up on it.

If life is a mirror that reflects back at you what you think, then any negative focused upon reflects itself back at you. It does this through your mind, through others, and through the experiences you face as your day moves forward.

3 Keys To Raising Your Vibration

1 – Live Intentionally – Don’t be swayed by the outside world. Make it a spiritual practice to live from the inside out. Embrace the fullness and uniqueness of you and allow your energy to flow from the depths of your being outward. Living from this space, positivity flows forth in abundance. If your mind or the outside world distorts this positivity flowing at the depths of your being, it can change the reflection of the peace and compassion that is ever-present.

2 – Share Light – Allow your peace to grace each step. Allow your light to shine into the world. Do so without trying to save anyone or anything, just be the best you. If you are committed to being the best you, living authentically each moment then there is no experience that could steal the joy and light found within you.

3 – The Highest Vibration Possible – You are filled with truth, Life, and the Infinite. What more could you ask of yourself? You are it. Let yourself be the you that you were born to be. You need not become anything more than that which you already are, Infinite, filled with God, Light, Love, and Truth.

Opportunity of the Week

Be aware of the vibes you are bringing with you throughout your day. Consciously and intentionally bring positive vibes with you into the various environments you enter this week despite outside occurrences.

Don’t allow the physical world to steal your peace, but let your peace transform the physical world.

If this gets difficult, do like I did on my plane flight home and catch yourself before negativity or toxic thoughts run rampant.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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