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Positive Mental Attitude: The Greatest Freedom of All

Positive Mental Attitude

Great inspiration surfaces in the heart and spirit when we read the stories of people who’ve become historical figures of inspiration despite dealing with severe adversity.

One story that comes to mind is the story of Viktor Frankl. He and his family were taken to a Nazi concentration camp in the 40’s. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he writes about the atrocities that took place in those camps. Witnessing people being abused, dying with little food, and sadness on the deepest levels.

With all this going on around him, he noticed a small group of people who, despite what the outer world brought their way, lived in such a way that there was a spark of life and happiness still within them.

These people would help those suffering, console the broken-hearted and share their food with others.

He went on to say that regardless of what another person may do to someone else, regardless what the world may bring your way, there is a freedom that cannot be taken from the human spirit. This is the freedom of choosing one’s attitude.

Thinking about the history in America, I think about the brave Africans who pushed on despite injustices, the courageous Natives who held on to their culture for as long as possible, and the settlers who were willing to look beyond the color of skin and connect with the spirit within all men and women.

We can learn from these brave souls whose feet have graced this planet. When going through rough times in life and watching the chaos swirl around the planet, we can remind ourselves of the freedom we have to choose the attitude we’ll move throughout our day with.

In our possession at all times, we have the ability to direct and control our inner energy (INNER ENERGY LINK) and attitudes however we desire.

An Eternal Spring of Peace

Within all is an ever-present spring of peace that flows forth from the Infinite. We all have access to this internal spring poured forth from the Divine (DIVINE LINK).

If we are aware of and connected to this spring of peace, this conscious recognition of the resting place of the spirit effortlessly influences our attitudes and outlooks.

If we feel as if we are disconnected from this eternal spring of peace, forgetting our oneness with it, the outside world can creep inside our minds and hearts, capturing the peace that can always be accessed within ourselves.

There is nothing in the outer world that has the right to steal your positive mental attitude, except for that unto which you give the power to do so.

3 Keys to Keep Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude

1 – Don’t Give Up Your Freedom – Don’t allow the outer world to steal the peace from your soul. If you allow your peace, happiness, or joy to be dictated by the outside world, you will ebb and flow based on what takes place out there. If you recognize your ability to direct your attitude by way of your thoughts and feelings, you will see that regardless of what may go on around you, this freedom cannot be taken from you.

2 – Awareness of Inner Energy – What is the state of your inner energy at this moment? Are you happy, at peace, overwhelmed, or dreading the day ahead? How does this feel?

As you go through your day, be aware of the inner energy (INNER ENERGY LINK) you are carrying with you. This does not mean you should try to suppress it, instead, keep in your awareness the quality of your inner world (LINK INNER WORLD). Remember, the way you see yourself within determines how the outer world will respond to you.

3 – See Through A Lens of Presence – If you can remain intensely focused on the present moment (PRESENT MOMENT LINK), you will then have the power to direct your attitude moment-to-moment. Look out at the world with an awareness of this moment. Don’t allow your consciousness to pull you into the pain of the past or fear of the future. In this moment alone, remain positive (POSITIVE LINK) and connected. For this moment of now is all there is.

Opportunity for the Week

Maintain a positive mental attitude this week.

If you feel your energy begin to slip, regain a positive mental state by connecting to the present moment.

Try to remain in a positive state each day.

Reflect each evening and try to identify the difference it made in the various areas of your life.

Remember, this is your freedom to do so.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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