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Planting Seeds of Kindness

Seeds of Kindness

There was a story about a young woman who was forced to walk through the storms of the world. Her mind was filled with news of the suffering taking place across the globe. She watched as people close to her struggled with battles that brought pain and despair. When she spoke with other people, she could hear a desperate cry for help calling out from within them.

It seemed that this cloud of darkness greeted her around every corner, this shadow lurked behind her with every step and the environment was filled with darkness.

As she traveled down this pathway, there was something different about this woman. Though she was caught in the middle of the storms swirling around her, she was able to connect with something deeper.

Instead of succumbing to the suffering taking place in the physical world, she decided to anchor herself deep within her spirit. As she did this, she recognized that while suffering may take place she need not pull the peace out from within her.

She decided to capture this peace she found within and as she ventured down her path of life, she deposited these seeds of kindness and peace into the minds and hearts of others.

At first, she began smiling at each person she passed. When she listened to the pain taking place in the lives of others, she chose to remind them how precious their life was and the difference their life had in the world. As she watched the news, she didn’t take on the suffering depicted but aligned with people who were actively making a change in her community.

She dropped these seeds of kindness and peace everywhere she went, unaware of how these seeds may impact the world.

After doing this for many weeks, she would cross paths with some of these people more than once. When she did this, she saw that the seeds of kindness she had sown into the hearts of others began to bloom.

Soon she noticed that her pathway of life was filled with flowers of kindness and appreciation.

She realized that despite the outside world, it was always possible for her to share the peace and kindness that was ever-present within herself.

Power of Kindness

There is a great power that emerges when you are willing to sow kindness into the minds and hearts of others. Sowing these seeds of kindness require us to look beneath the mask of another person, requires us to transcend the suffering of the world, and connect with the Essence of life that flows through all things.

Through small, little, and conscious acts of kindness, profound shifts can be made in the lives of others and the well-being of our planet.

Kindness is always possible. Peace is always available. Both of these universal qualities dwell at the depths of your spirit.

Be willing to step forth into the storms of life, connect with the spirit of others and share your light, love, kindness and appreciation into the lives of another.

Growing up, there were people who did this in my life. When I was going through times of witnessing family members struggle with addiction, when my life felt hopeless, it was the kindness of others who helped me reconnect with the powerful light within myself.

Kindness transforms lives, of both the giver and the receiver.

Keys of Kindness

1 – The Power of a Smile – Be willing to carry yourself with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation. Creating this environment within yourself, you’ll see how your light flows out from within you. When you are in a state of gratitude, you wear a smile like you wear a shirt. It is with you everywhere you go. Be willing to smile into the lives of others, even if you are only seeing them for a brief moment. One smile can illuminate someone’s entire day.

2 – Random Acts – Holding the door open, paying the store clerk a sincere compliment, picking up trash in your neighborhood, paying for someone’s meal, or tutoring a child can work wonders in another person’s life. Everyone you meet is going through something you know nothing about. You never know how the timing of an act of kindness might elevate a person from a state of gloom into a state of appreciation.  

3 – Not Just Actions – Acts of kindness don’t just take place in the form of actions. There is another way to sow seeds of kindness and that is by sending each person you see positive thoughts of love, appreciation, and peace. This can be done with the people you pass as you drive, the person in line at the store or even the person who you see on the TV screen who is on the other side of the world. Thoughts of kindness have a way to surround the other person with light and love while elevating your spirit into a state of thankfulness and connection. Kind thoughts are a powerful way to sow these seeds of light into the life of another.

Opportunity for the Week

I’d like to invite you to commit one act of kindness a day throughout this week.

Do your best to raise the vibrations of another person by ensuring you are keeping your spirit in a peaceful and positive state. You can keep your spirit in a state of kindness through honoring your spiritual practice which reinforces connection, strength, and love.

Never dismiss the power that your light can play in the life of another and our world.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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