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What Is the Science of Mind?

What is the Center for Spiritual Living?

The Centers for Spiritual Living teach a unique spiritual philosophy known as the Science of Mind and Spirit.

What is The Science of Mind and Spirit?

Throughout the ages, sages, saints, poets and mystics have taught spiritual principles providing guidance for those of us who desire to live lives that are more complete with happiness, joy, peace, love and abundance. They have lived by example and left writings for us to discover and follow if we so choose. The Science of MInd and Spirit is an eclectic composition of these teachings along with the revelations of more modern mystics to provide guidance for our current lives.

They have shown us that we can be healed of our fears, anxieties, diseases and suffering of all sorts if we will realize that it is “done unto us as we believe.” Our beliefs that we are separate from God, that there is good and evil in the world and that pain and suffering are inevitable, limit our ability to be happy.

The Science of Mind and Spirit teaches us that we are living in a Universe that is for us, not against us. We are not separate from God nor from the rest of humanity. So we may live happy, fearless, abundant lives regardless of the world around us. But, because we are one with all humanity, we also have a responsibility to be a loving expression of life in the world.

The Science of Mind and Spirit is the philosophy originally taught by Dr. Ernest Holmes. It is aligned with the New Thought spiritual tradition. This tradition, rooted in both Eastern and Western spiritual thought, teaches positive thinking and living. It is a metaphysical teaching stemming from the belief that your mind is the access point to living a more abundant, loving and joy-filled life.

What do we believe?