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Memorial Day: Creating Positive Memories

Creating Positive Memories

Over this past week I’ve been thinking about what Memorial Day means. As I’ve traveled across the west coast of America, visiting 8 different Native American Tribes, my views of Memorial Day have expanded.

As I write this, it feels that Memorial Day isn’t just a day to celebrate the “war heros” but an opportunity to open our consciousness and heart to the true history of this country and this world.

Memorial Day includes the Native American communities who once prospered across this land, it includes the slaves on whose backs many cities have been built, it includes those who have fought for freedom and those who died in war.

On a spiritual level, Memorial Day should encompass all, transcending race, gender, ethnicity and religion. On a spiritual level, all is one.

In addition to this view of Memorial Day, we should remember that each day of our lives we are creating some kind of memory.

Some memories may be difficult and painful, but we have the ability in this moment of now to create positive memories in our lives and the lives of future generations.

What memories are you leaving for the world?

Memories We’ve Created

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

What are the dominant memories you allow in your consciousness?

What part did you play in the creation of those memories?

I ask these questions because at times we forget that each moment of each day we are assisting in the creation of our memories.

If we pull the memories from the past into this present moment we can forget just how abundant and powerful we are as this moment expands.

This Memorial Day, do your part to create positive memories for your life and our world.

3 Keys To Creating Positive Memories

1 – Power of Mind – Remember, it is your mind that determines what memories you’ll hold onto, what memories you’ll dwell upon and what memories you’ll embrace and apply to your life. How are you using the power of your mind?

2 – Seeing From A New Perspective – Shift the way you look at things and the things you look at change. This applies to the memories within your consciousness, the changing tides of our world, presidential candidates and the history of the past. If we can see the light hidden between the cracks, everything illuminates.

3 – Creating Good Memories – The only way to shift negative memories or create new memories is in this present moment of now. Do what is necessary to create a positive environment within your consciousness by way of directing your mind and heart towards your highest and best.  

Opportunity for the Week

Create a positive memory this week you can reflect upon for inspiration and empowerment.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely Jeffon Seely





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