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Love Thyself: 15 Things You Should Love About Yourself

Love Thyself: Creating Self-Love

If you were asked to make a list of the things that you would like to improve about yourself and a list of things that you love about yourself, which one would be longer?

For most of us, we can easily identify the things about ourselves we’d like to change, improve or transform.

Rarely are we walking around continuously filling our minds with the things we love about ourselves.

Recognizing this lack of self-love sweeping across our globe, I thought this week is a great time to identify the things we love about ourselves.

Keep these 15 fresh, empowering and compassionate thoughts close to your heart and on the forefront of your consciousness.

Love thyself.

For we can only give that which we’ve discovered within.

15 Things You Should Love About Yourself

1 – The Energy That Wakes You Up – The first thing we can all begin to love about ourselves is the invisible Essence that empowers us to open our eyes and be. Connecting with this inner Essence each morning reinforces my awareness of and oneness with the Life that fills my body temple.

2 – Your Mind/Consciousness –  Send thoughts of love and feelings of compassion towards your mind/consciousness which enables you to think. Learn to love your ability to direct your thoughts towards whatever ends you desire. Your mind sends out the thoughts that assist in building your experience of life.

*Special Key: If you feed your conscious mind thoughts of love and compassion, you will see love and compassion begin to blossom more abundantly in your life.

3 – The Body In Which You Live – Whether you are athletic, average, chubby or overweight, love the body in which you dwell. It’s been said that the body we live in is the most sacred temple in the world. Fill this temple with love and appreciation. Also, understand that you have the power within to shape and mold your body temple however you see fit.

Choose to mold your temple with foods of compassion, abundant exercise and thoughts of deep love and appreciation.

4 – Your Beating Heart – Love and appreciate your heart that beats, causing the blood to flow throughout your body. Even when our hearts are broken, hurt, or filled with pain, take time to notice and send love towards the engine that drives your body. A great practice to empower your heart is to be mindful of it beating and intentionally sending compassion throughout your body with each beat.

When was the last time you felt your heart beating through you?

5 – The Oxygen You Breathe – Embrace the love and compassion filling each breath you take. Be appreciative and grateful of the abundant oxygen that empowers your being and helps our planet flourish. You can always reconnect with the breath, even in the most stressful moments. In doing so you immediately begin inviting peace, compassion and an attitude of gratitude into your being.

Be grateful for this precious oxygen surrounding you.

6 – Your Uniqueness – When all is said and done, there will never be another you. Your family history, your ancestors, the cells that fill your body, the things that bring you to life, your gifts, talents and unique abilities will never align again in the way they’ve done to create you. You are one in Infinite. Love your uniqueness.

That’s what makes you, You.

7 – Relationships – Love the beautiful relationships that fill your life. If you don’t have any beautiful relationships in your life today, then bring to mind the beautiful relationships you’ve had in the past. Three relationships that bring me great feelings of love and appreciation are those I have with my Grandpa and Grandma Seely and my Grandpa Lee, all of whom are no longer here.

Their love, however, is greater than ever.

8 – Your Gifts – Love the gifts that fill your being. Whether it’s the words you write, the business you build, the drawings you create or any other creative expression, love it. All things flow out from within the depths of your being. Be appreciative, grateful and empowered, knowing that you have deep reservoirs of talents within, even if you’ve yet to realize or act upon them.

9 – Your Ability to Smile – Love your smile. I don’t mean your pearly whites gleaming in the afternoon sun or your dolled up expression, I’m referring to your ability to smile. Let your smile shine a light of compassion and truth upon your most difficult problems and struggles.

10 – Cause and Effect – Love your ability to cause your effects. Learn to love being the causal agent in your life. Love your ability to use your life in a way that you can intentionally cause the effects you’d like to see grow.

11 – Power of Forgiveness – Learn to love your ability to forgive. Love your capacity to be able to release the poison of unforgiveness, resentment, wrongdoing, pain and hurt caused by another person. Forgiveness can be a great blessing, just as unforgiveness can cause deeper, self-inflicted wounds.

Love to forgive.

12 – The Preciousness of Now – Of all the moments that have existed and will exist in the history of the Universe, this moment will never come again. Love the preciousness of this moment. Embrace the beauty of now. One of the greatest ways you can fill this present moment with more love and appreciation is to be mindful of your breath that you are breathing right now.

Connecting with the breath in this moment centers you in the here and now.

13 – Your Creative Nature – This is one of the greatest things you can love about yourself. That is your ability to assist in the co-creation of your life. This is done through your thoughts, choices and actions. Learn to love your creative nature.

*Special Key: You are always creating something in your life.

14 – Your Accomplishments – Love your accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back for your good deeds, whether from today or 12 years ago. Congratulate yourself on the mountain tops you’ve climbed thus far throughout your life. Doing so empowers you to continue to create bigger and greater things.



15 – Infinite Opportunities – Love that there are infinite opportunities, infinite doorways of possibilities and infinite ways for your life to unfold. Learn to love the mystery of life. Emerge yourself in the beauty of the infinite Essence that is everywhere present.

Activity – Practical Application

Get a blank piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of it.

On the left side mention all the things within yourself that you’d like to improve. On the right side, mention all the things that you love about yourself.

Tally up both sides.

Which one has more items?

Understanding that what we focus upon grows and expands, which column would you like to focus upon and build your life upon?

Love Thyself.

Peace. Happiness.Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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