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Honoring The Uniqueness of You

3 Keys To Honor The Uniqueness of You

When was the last time you spent a few minutes of your day recognizing all that has taken place to enable you to be here in this moment of now?

When was the last time you brought into your awareness the Divine Order orchestrated throughout eternity that has provided you with an opportunity to be the unique you that you are today?

This past week I had the opportunity to share my message at Unity Center just outside of Los Angeles. After service I spent some time in discussion with a few of the members and this thought bubbled up from within.

There was one lady in particular who stayed for quite a while after service to talk. During our discussion it seemed as if we were both reminded of how incredible it is to be living, in this body, walking on this planet, here, now.

As I left their Center and drove back to the residence I was staying at over the course of the week, I looked out across the vast Pacific Ocean and reflected on the uniqueness that each of us have. More specifically, I recognized at a deep level that each of our lives has been divinely guided by the Presence of God* (Energy, Universe, Essence, Life).

It is incredibly empowering when we stop for a moment and ponder all that has aligned with such perfection to bring us here. This includes things like the sun that has shined upon this planet for billions of years, the sacred earth that has been under constant transformation making an inhabitable environment for us to flourish. This includes the powerful ocean and the hydrogen and oxygen that creates water.

This also includes the ancestors on whose shoulders we stand upon. Think of all the people who’ve walked the earth and survived extreme conditions throughout millennia to provide you with an opportunity of life.

As I looked out over the ocean, being graced by the warm rays of the sun, I was reminded that each of us are unique, we all have value, and to fail to recognize the Divine Order in each of our lives would be to ignore the Eternal Presence that dwells in all.

Honor Thyself

If you pulled out a piece of paper and grabbed a pen, what type of things would you honor about being you?

This simple exercise can be incredibly inspiring. As we go throughout our week we often forget about all the things they honor within. As we turn on the TV we are bombarded with images that make us dismiss our uniqueness. Often as we enter various environments our attention can be pulled away from recognizing the greatness within as we begin to honor another person more than we honor ourselves.

On the flip side however, as we continue to honor the uniqueness of who we are and the Divine that dwells within, we suddenly begin to see this greatness flowing in all.

This is the key to awakening and elevating our consciousness.

3 Keys To Honor The Uniqueness of You

1 – Power Within – Whenever you doubt your gifts or feel you lack something in this world we are a part of, bring to mind all that has gone into the creation of you. Do this consciously and intentionally. Be willing to spend a few minutes or even an hour in nature, recognizing the Divine Flow that has been with you before you took your first breath. As you honor this power within, you will see even in times of doubt, depression, fear, or sadness, God* is there.

2 – Awareness and Connection – Be aware of your gifts and the connection you have with Life*. Realize that deep within is an untapped reservoir empowered by the Divine. It is as if you are an outlet of God, an infinite spring of the Almighty, forever connected to Source. Be aware of how you use your time and energy and be willing to keep your mind and heart open to the realization of who you truly are; a light of God*.

3 – Rise Above Comparison – Do your best not to compare yourself to others. While it may seem some have greater talents and gifts than you, be willing to see the greatness within yourself. Spend time each day jotting down or dwelling upon all the empowering qualities you have within. If you truly honor the uniqueness within, then you realize you need not compare yourself with others.

At the depths of it all, we are all empowered by the One.

Opportunity of the Week

This week I invite you to spend time each morning and honor the Divine within. This week use your mind to remind you of your gifts and be willing to believe in yourself.  

Finally, take a few moments each day to honor the you that dwells at the depths of your being, but don’t stop there, also recognize that the Source within yourself is the Source* that flows through all.

As you do these things you will see the uniqueness of You.

*Please feel free to replace these words with: Universe, Energy, Light, Life, God, Infinite, Divine, Essence or Presence.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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