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Having Greater Faith In Yourself

Having Greater Faith

The other day I was thinking about a story that’s been floating through my mind over the course of the last few months.

This story is about a human being. This person was filled with greatness, possibilities, and had a spark of the Infinite dwelling at the depths of their being.

Long before this person made their entrance on this planet there were innumerable events that aligned with perfect precision to enable their life to be. For starters, there were elements, gases, and minerals that worked in harmony with one another to assist in the creation of the planet that this person would one day live upon.

For billions of years, this planet continued to evolve, transform and grow in a variety of ways, finding the perfect habitat for this being to thrive in.

Long before they took their first breath, countless ancestors existed before them. Stretching back through time, women raised children, fathers worked in unison with the family, instilling values, courage, confidence and compassion into the hearts and souls of countless generations. Crafts were learned, gifts were celebrated and accomplishments were acknowledged.

It seemed as if each person who existed throughout this person’s line of ancestry lived specifically to help this one exceptional being have an experience of life.

This person was truly filled with the Infinite, the Divine Spark of the Universe.

The time soon came for this person to make their entrance on Earth. As they grew on this planet that had been awaiting their arrival, standing atop the knowledge and experience of their ancient ancestors, anything was possible for this person.

As time continued, this person soon forgot the planet beneath their feet and ancestors within their spirit. Instead of choosing to use the Infinite talents and unbound potential within them, this person doubted their worth, their greatness and the purpose of their lives.

After all the innumerable blessings and divine alignment which enabled this person to be, they eventually settled into taking the path of least resistance. Their gifts slowly dimmed within, but they still had occasional sparks of possibility.

Mediocrity filled the mind and heart of this person who was born with it all. Still, the Infinite within begged them to reawaken to the magnificence of their being.

Embracing Deep Faith

While the person in the story never took the steps necessary to bring their greatness out from within, the greatness within ourselves awaits our discovery.

Just like the person above, you too are a child of the Infinite.

The Universe, Earth, and your ancestors all existed for you to have this opportunity of life. You are the person which the Infinite has been preparing this moment for (as is everyone else).

Regardless of where you’ve been or the accomplishments or failures of the past, despite age, race or gender, if you are willing to embrace greater faith in yourself, incredible things will happen.

Pause for a moment and acknowledge the innumerable blessings that have aligned to enable you to be.

Celebrate You. Celebrate your life.

I’d like to invite you to have greater faith in You. Not you as in the flesh, instead place your faith in the Essence that enables your flesh to be.

At any moment you can have greater faith in the Infinite which flows through your being. As your conscious mind and heart opens to this greater faith, you suddenly see you have been given everything you’ll ever need.

What an incredible realization.

3 Keys For Greater Faith In Yourself

1 – The One Power – If one can truly believe there is one underlying Essence flowing through all things, then faith flows forth effortlessly. If you could move throughout your day with a conscious recognition of this One Power, which flows through all, would your faith ever waiver? Are you not supported by this One Power that enables all to be?

2 – Power of the Mind – For greater faith, one must remember that how you use your mind, whether it is good or bad, assists in the creation of who you are, your reality and the world. We all have faith in something, but at times our faith isn’t centered on the things we’d like to bring into our experience. Instead, it is focused on one of the many things we’d like to avoid. Where your attention, focus, and thoughts go, those things grow.

3 – Continue Toward the Horizon – Often our faith waivers when we don’t see things working out in the ways we may have hoped. It is during these dark moments that our faith may slip. Suddenly, we quit moving toward the goal, dream, or aspiration. It is during these moments of stumbling that we must remain persistent and determined, moving forward with more faith than ever in the direction that is calling out to our hearts. As I told my friend the other day, you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but that doesn’t mean you should stop in the darkness of that tunnel. Keep going. Move forward with faith and belief.

Opportunity for the Week

Identify the areas in your life where you have the most faith.

Don’t just write things like God, love, or my dreams but look honestly within and identify the areas you’ve been faithful too.

Remember, these may not be the areas that are in alignment with the dreams and aspirations you have within.

Once you complete this exercise, ask yourself, “if I continue to have faith in these areas, will my life change in the way that I hope or will it stay the same?”

Faith can move mountains, but you must begin by lifting small stones today.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

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