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Go Within and Win

Go Within and Win

Often, we see the successes in our lives from the perspective of accolades or accreditations we’ve received in the physical world.

I too have seen the successes in my life by what was accomplished “out there.” Attaining certain milestones have helped me grow and blossom into the person I am today. The same may be true for you.

I remember how happy my family was when I graduated high school. After going through turbulent teenage years, graduating high school was a major accomplishment. Later, I enrolled in college, thinking that attaining a degree would help raise my success to a higher level.

I studied and studied, eventually graduating with my bachelor degree in accounting. This was the first time I consciously recognized what was possible when someone focuses their mind on the completion of a goal.

After graduating, I released a book and, over the course of the last few years, have been speaking across the nation. All of these things are wonderful, but it is just a portion of who I am.

All the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in your life are just a small glimpse of the Infinite which you are.

Those times when we look back at such accomplishments in our lives are a great opportunity to remind ourselves that the most important thing to cultivate is the thing that no one sees. Within.

Conscious of Going Within to Win

Throughout each level of our lives we are moving with the Infinite Energy which is. We all use this Infinite energy to elevate and expand into new levels of consciousness.

An example of this is looking back at our adolescent days, early adulthood, up to this moment of now. We have always been expanding into that which we already are.

By connecting to the part of ourselves which is one with Source, we see that which we seek isn’t found in accolades, the money we make, or the titles we hold. Instead, we must look with a deeper understanding and realize what we seek is seeking us.

An expansion of the Infinite which is.

3 Keys to Go Within and Win

1 – Stillness – Have you realized that you move through your day expressing the Infinite which dwells within you? Have you realized that when you interact with others you are interacting with the Infinite that flows through all things? It is a continuous cycle. God flowing out, God flowing in. In the stillness, one can connect deeply to this realization.

2 – Elevated Consciousness – In order to receive a different experience, one’s consciousness must shift and transform. It transforms into that which is already there. You set the mold for your life and fill that mold by way of your thoughts, choices, feelings, and actions. Expand your mold. As Jesus the Christ said, you cannot put new wine into old wineskins.

3 – The Treasure Chest – The greatest treasure in the universe isn’t hidden in the desert or within mountains of gold. The greatest treasure is within you. How will you bring forth your gifts? You have the key to unlocking the greatness your heart desires in whatever form you choose but you must open the treasure chest for yourself. Look within.

Opportunity for the Week

Live from the inside out this week.

Go within when facing difficulties, joyful experiences and moments of calm.

Realize you are always with Source. Let this understanding transcend the level of the experience you had last week.

Go within and win.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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