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Keys To Expanding the Mind

Expanding the Mind

The sky is not the limit, the mind is. If we move through life thinking small thoughts, we can’t help but create a small reality.

In the Science of Mind, it is said that there is only One Mind, One Power, One Presence that flows throughout the universe. It is a power for good that we use each day of our lives, whether for good or bad.

As I’ve continued to step towards that which is calling out to me, speaking, writing and sharing my message with the world, I’ve had an interesting observation. If there is One Mind and One Power flowing through the universe, then all things are possible but only if we believe.

Looking out into the world, there are many people who have created exceptional things like businesses, sharing countless books, creating prosperity, helping others, and speaking to millions. All of these people have used the One Power and Presence which flows within themselves to bring these things about.

Being that you and I use this Power in our lives and can create anything we’d like, the only limit that can surface is the limit we place on ourselves mentally.

We cannot live a life full of peace, love, and abundance with a small mind centered upon stress, frustration, and limitations.

Elevate The Mind

So what are the best ways for us to elevate our minds?

If we look through spiritual texts, listen to inspiring messages or talk with people living in a state of happiness and joy, we’ll hear many things about how we can elevate our minds.

Spiritual texts will speak of praying and meditating. Inspiring messages might say to eliminate negative people, dream big and remain motivated. Some people will tell us to choose happiness in all we do.

While all of these have value, I feel there are a few things we can do to really expand the mind and align with the Divine; moving forth into our highest and best.

The greatest way I’ve found to elevate the mind is to consciously fill the mind with peace, fill the consciousness with love, and fill each thought with positivity.

If we are willing to do these things, keep a mind filled with peace, a mind filled with love, and thoughts of positivity, we continue our expansion into the Infinite which we are.

3 Keys to Expanding The Mind

1 – Dwell Deeper – Delve deeper within your spirit. This is the part of you that is One with the Power that flows through all. Connect with this part of you and you’ll see that your mind is as infinite as the Energy from which you’ve come.

2 – Think Bigger – Let your consciousness rise to a higher realm, expand past limiting ideas, and soar beyond negative thoughts. If life is limited only by the limits of the mind, all we must do is think bigger.

3 – Your Inherent Being – When choosing to expand the mind the greatest things we can do is to recognize who and what we are, a child of the Infinite. If you are a child of the Infinite, filled with the Infinite and your energy is Infinite, your potential is boundless.  

Opportunity for the Week

Expand your consciousness this week by keeping your mind aware of the power within. Choose to think abundantly with thoughts filled with peace, love, and positivity.

This week remain consciously connected to the Spirit resting at the depths of your being.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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