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Empowering Insights From The Science of Mind

Empowering Insights From The Science of Mind

Walking peacefully and patiently down the pathway of spirituality leads one to realize how near Spirit is at all times.

Diving through spiritual text such as The Science of Mind, the Bible, The Power of Now, and all the other inspiring books, we are able to see that the solution to all our problems, struggles and frustrations lie within ourselves.

Each week, many of us visit a spiritual community and are surrounded by good people, a positive message, an affirmative prayer and are ready to move into our week.

As we do this week after week, some forget the power of the words spoken, the deeper meaning of the messages discussed and forget about the power dwelling at the depths of their being.

I mention this because, I’ve realized in my life there will be moments where it seems my spiritual knowledge slips from my mind just when I need it most. This may come in the form of a difficult relationship, a business deal that didn’t flow the way I wanted, or even just letting my mind wander unconsciously.

It is during these times that I return to meditation, deep breathing and recognizing this present moment. During these times I also open certain books that remind me of what my mind has seemed to forget.

One of these books is The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.

This week, I encourage you to embrace the deep principles and meaning that flows through this incredible book. Forget not who you are, instead draw nearer to the greatness within you and all.

5 Empowering Insights From The Science of Mind

1 – The Time Has Come

The time has come, the hour has struck.

The power from within has come forth and is expressing through my word.

I do not have to wait; today is the time.

Today I enter into all Truth; today I am completely healed.

Today I enter into my inheritance.

Today the Truth has made me free.

My Note: Today you are free. Today you are complete. Today is the day to bring your highest and best out into the world.

2 – Beauty

I behold the Beautiful and the Pleasant.

My eyes see only that which is beautiful to look upon.

I will not see anything else nor believe in anything else.

I know that beauty has entered into my life, and will always remain there.

I see only the beautiful.

My Note: Look deeply at all things, in doing so, you see God is everywhere present.

3 – I Serve

I serve the world.

I wait upon the Lord within all men;

I call forth glory from On High through the minds of all people.

I obey the will of Him Who inhabits Eternity.

I do the works of Him Who dwelleth among the heavens.

My Lord within commands and I obey.

I do good to all people.

My Note: Be the light of the world. For that which empowers you, is that which empowers the Universe. All One.

4 – I Shall Not Doubt Nor Fear

I shall not doubt nor fear, for my salvation is from On High,

and the day of its appearing is now at hand.

I shall not doubt nor fear, for my whole being responds

to the realization of Life within and around me.

I shall not fear, for the Hosts of Heaven are waiting upon me and

the Law of the Universe is my Salvation.

I shall not fear.

My Note: Fear not, for the Divine Essence is with you each moment of each day. Go forth into all your activities with an inner realization of the Divinity that is nearer than your hands and feet and closer than the breath you breathe.

5 – The True You

Personality is but half expressed until we realize that within we are complete. Wholeness is the keynote to perfection and self-esteem is not egotism but is self-realization. Completion is from within and not from without and no one can add to, or take from, that which is already complete. The Soul and Spirit are already perfect and whole.

My Note: You are whole, perfect and complete, for the Divine Essence of the Universe created you.

Opportunity for the Week

Carry one of these with you each day. When your mind slips from this conscious recognition, catch yourself and refocus upon one of these empowering insights from the Science of Mind.

You are It.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect

Jeffon Seely 

Jeffon Seely





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