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Embracing the Armor of God

Embracing the Armor of God

Each day we wake up, we venture into uncharted territory. We experience successes and failures, come into contact with people who encourage us and those who seem to deter our forward movement, and we have thoughts that propel us and thoughts that dim our inner light.

Drawing closer to spiritual truth helps us as we move from moment to moment throughout our experience of life. As I was reading through some of my favorite passages of the bible I was reminded of our ability to take a conscious stand and arm ourselves with the Spirit.

(Please note: we need not arm ourselves like we are going to war because at the depths of it all, all is One. Therefore, from this state of awareness we see our connection with everything and can recognize the ever-present Essence of Life flowing through all. This includes both the good and the bad)

As I was embracing the inspiration from Ephesians Chapter 6, I was encouraged to arm myself with the Armor of God as I move through my day-to-day experience.

Armor of God

Each morning as we wake up let us tighten our belt of truth, realizing we are forever a part of Source. As we move throughout our day let us put on our breastplate of righteousness, living with morals, integrity and kindness for all.

As we walk upon this planet we have to call home, let our shoes be filled with the gospel of peace, embracing our ability to be a light everywhere we go. May we walk lightly on the earth, spreading compassion wherever we may be.

May we arm ourselves with a shield of faith, trusting and believing in the Essence of Life that enables us to be and having confidence in our unique abilities and Divinity within. Let us put on a helmet of salvation, realizing we are made in the image and likeness of the one Creator. We are descendants of the abundant stars that shine above us, birthed from the sacred Earth beneath us, standing on the shoulders of our ancestors who have existed before us, each breath and beat of our heart is a sacred dance with the Essence of Life

Finally, let us pick up the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Affirmative prayer). This sword of the Spirit can cut through the darkness, our own ignorance, doubt, worries and fear that may blossom from within ourselves. Standing firmly with the Armor of God, we build our lives upon a foundation of truth, unshakable, filled with light and innumerable blessings.

5 Keys To Embracing the Armor of God

1 – Conscious Living – It does little to be armed with truth if we are unwilling to apply this truth consciously to our lives. Be willing to identify the areas where your consciousness slips. Be willing to live in a conscious and intentional way, realizing that which you are looking for is that which you are looking with. All One.

2 – See The Light – As you live each day with the Armor of God, you see at a deep level the greatest enemy one may have is the enemy that exists within. As was mentioned above, there is nothing out to get you from a spiritual level because all of life is filled with the Essence of Life which enables all to be. Being armed with the Spirit assists you in being able to see the light shining in all.

3 – Architect of Life – Moving with the Armor of God you are reminded that you are the one who assists in creating your life. Each moment of each day you are creating the blueprint for your experience. Moving with the spirit of God you see the greatest power in the universe is not in some far off planet, but dwells within yourself.  

4 – Spiritual Practice – The greatest warrior is of no use if they do not take time to practice and sharpen their skills. Living a spiritual life that is conscious and awakened we see we must take time to be in the peace and presence of the Eternal Essence dwelling within. Practice being conscious, it is a moment to moment thing.

5 – All One – As a warrior of light it is your responsibility to use your Armor of God to help others recognize the oneness flowing through all of life. Living a spiritual life we see at a deep level everything is connected, from the closest atom to the farthest planet, all is One.

Opportunity of the Week

When watching the news, cut through the illusions with a sword of the Spirit.

When dealing with difficult situations, cut through the darkness with a sword of the Spirit.

When going through your day, wear the Armor of God with a conscious recognition that you are eternally connected to and a part of the One, as is everyone else.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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