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5 Ways To Recognize Divine Order In Your Life

Embracing the Divine Order

As we look out across our globe we see a variety of religions and spiritual traditions that people embrace. Many of these religions have expanded over time, built upon ancient wisdom and insights.

As we reflect upon the top five religions in our world today (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism) we see there are over 4.5 billion people honoring one of these five spiritual paths.

It’s incredible to look deep into these spiritual practices and recognize the common threads holding them all together. Things such as honoring God, respecting others, embracing prayer and meditation as well as being a beneficial presence to this planet we have to call home.

Aside from the common threads weaving through these religions, there is a Golden Thread that many overlook. A Thread so sacred that new thought communities are built upon it, a Thread that intricately pulls these traditions together.

This is what I like to call Divine Order, the Golden Thread of the universe.

What Is Divine Order

Depending on who you may ask, you will get a variety of answers as to what Divine Order is.

From my perspective it is the following:

In this infinite universe we are all a part of there is an underlying Essence, Energy and Presence filling all things. It is within the gases, minerals and elements that combine to form planets and stars. It is not only within all these things, but it is the space in which all things are created.

Divine Order is the Essence that pulls planets together to create solar systems and galaxies. It is that which empowers our sun to shine upon our sacred planet. It is that which empowers our planet to spin, rivers to flow, animals to be birthed and plants to grow.

It is within each and everyone of us. It is the Presence that enabled us to wake up this morning, It is that which beats our hearts, breathes precious oxygen through our lungs, empowers our cells to divide, and the underlying Essence that enables our atoms to thrive.

This Divine Order is ever-present, filling the beautiful and the horrific, the growth and the decay of life. It is God, Source, the Infinite. It is so incredible, we could never put It into words because It is that which has enabled words to be, made minds to think and allowed us to exist.

Look deep enough with your inner eyes and you will see that this Divine Order is in everything.

Seeing The Divine In The Chaos

You may be thinking, I understand the idea of Divine Order but how do you explain Divine Order in things like war, negative people, extinctions and politics?

If these thoughts are flowing through your mind then I would like to offer you one simple spiritual practice I call, Looking Deeper.

Even in the most heinous situations, the Divine is there. In the most difficult experiences of your life, regardless of how hard it may be to see It, the Divine was there. As you think about people who may have done unspeakable things to you or people you love, if you look deep enough you’ll recognize that the Divine was there all along.

This Divine Order is not only in the beautiful and difficult days of yesterday, but this Divine Order is the sacredness that flows through this powerful moment of now.

For the Divine Order of Life cannot be separated from life, for It simply is.

Centering yourself upon this conscious realization, you begin to see with the inner eyes, connecting to the endless stream of peace and love flowing within you and through all, realizing that everywhere you are, God Is.

5 Ways To Recognize Divine Order In Your Life

1 – Center Yourself – One spiritual practice anyone can embrace, regardless of religious or spiritual preference, is connecting to the present moment. You see, when you are conscious and aware of the present moment, you are fully embracing the Divine Order of the universe. When you are pulled by the stresses of the looming future or feeling upset about the past, center yourself, connect with this moment and embrace the Divine Order that is always with you.

2 – Look With Inner Eyes – When you look out into the world, witnessing atrocities, chaos and horrific conditions, look with your inner eyes. What I mean by this is to look deeper than the surface of things and connect with the Divine Order that is always there, the very fabric of Life that enables chaos to even exist. Doing this will not only help you stand upon truth but will provide you with the strength and creativity needed to be a part of the solution instead of being paralyzed by fear, worry or overwhelm.

3 – Stand Guard at the Doorway – The more you recognize the Divine Order flowing through all, the easier it will be to see this Divinity when going through difficult times. One key to assist you in seeing the Divine flowing through all is to guard your conscious mind and fuel only those thoughts which support and honor the truth. If you wonder to what truth I am referring, it is the truth that all is One, empowered by One, and flows from the One.

4 – Stillness – I’d like to invite you to spend time each day reflecting on the Divine Order which empowers all things. Feel the Essence beating your heart, dividing your cells and empowering your atoms. Sit and feel this Divinity flowing through the air around you, enabling your body temple to exist. When things get hectic, get still from the inside out.

5 – Practice – As you recognize this Divine Order on a daily basis you will start to catch yourself when your thoughts slip into separateness, despair, or distress. Can you imagine what our world would look like if we all honored this Divine Order that empowers us all to wake up and be? Remember, it starts with you.

Weekly Challenge

This week I challenge you to see the Divine Order in all things. When you watch the news, walk through the grocery store, or think about your life, see the Divine.

We may not be able to change the world, but we can always change the way we show up in the world. Stand upon this Golden Thread that weaves all things together.

This week, honor the Divine.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely






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