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Filling the Mold: 5 Keys To Co-Creating A Beautiful Life

Filling the Mold: Co-Creating a Beautiful Life

It was my first week of college as I wandered through the campus searching for my first class of the day. Shy, anxious and a bit nervous I entered the room and sat. As the students piled into the room I thought about what would come from this 4 year college experience.

The teacher was a kind lady who seemed to acknowledge each student. Since this was our first week together in class, she invited us to pull out a piece of paper and asked us to spend the rest of class crafting a letter to ourselves dated 4 years from that day.

The purpose of this exercise was to stretch our minds and envision what we would like our college experience would be like. She encouraged us to write what propels our hearts and adds to our lives.

I crafted my ideas and folded my paper to fit the envelope provided. I self addressed it to myself and turned it in, looking forward to receive it 4 years later.

Co-Creating Your Experience

I didn’t end up receiving my letter until 6 years after I graduated. The teacher was promoted and upon a recent visit to my alma mater she informed me she had something she wanted to give me. It was my letter, and I forgot all about it.

I was excited to open it and wondered what I wrote back in my late teens. I was eager to see if the things I wrote came to pass.

As I finished reading through this letter, I set it down in amazement. I not only completed everything I jotted down, but I did more.

Suddenly a thought popped into my mind, while I am grateful to have accomplished the things I wrote, I aimed too low. The mold I filled was too small.

Assisting In Co-Creating Your Experience

This story is a great reminder that what we set our minds to we can bring to pass. Each moment of each day we are assisting in creating our lives.

Each of us are filled with the Divine Presence, an Eternal Essence that flows through each atom, cell, organ, and thought that passes through our sacred minds.  

We are using this innermost Energy to help create our experiences through our thoughts, choices and actions. All of which are under our control, all of which are used to co-create our life.

Unfortunately, it seems many people forget about their creative ability and the divine tools they’ve come equipped with or as was my case, uses these creative tools to create a small experience, forgetting about their ability to build prosperous and extraordinary life.

Being that we are always assisting in the assembly of our current reality, below you will find 5 keys to assist you in this co-creation process.

5 Key Ways To Co-Create Your Experience

1 – Cast a Vision – You and I become that which we believe ourselves to be. Therefore, as you go forth co-creating your experience I encourage you to cast a vision out over your life. In this vision identify the things you wish to do, how you would like to use this gift of life and who will you impact as you soar into your highest potential. When casting this vision remember, THINK BIG.

2 – Build Your Spiritual Practice – A great way to strengthen your ability to assist in the co-creation of your life is to spend time in the stillness of your being. Recognize and honor the Divine within. As you spend time in spiritual practice such as meditation, prayer and mindfulness you will recognize the Divine that flows through all and will be reminded that you are supported more than you could ever imagine.

3 – Directing Thoughts – If you are willing to think consciously and intentionally in your life, you are then aware of the fresh paintbrushes you are holding; the paintbrushes that color your experience. If you are unwilling to direct your thoughts then your precious mind is at the mercy of external factors, slowly seeping your power away from you. As you go forth creating your life, remember to use your mind. THINK.

4 – Deciding to be Great – With a large vision rooted in spiritual truth while directing your thoughts, you will see that your choices and decisions change. With new choices, you open new possibilities for your life. Your choices are imperative in the creative process because making a new choice creates a new doorway that can take you in new directions. What choices no longer serve you here and now?

5 – Acting It Out – While each of these steps holds importance, this final step is the one that seems to pour the solution of the infinite into the mold of your conscious mind. Without action our thoughts seem worthless, our choices appear to be “what-ifs” and our visions become stagnant dreams with no path capable of transporting us to their fulfillment. Remember, as great as the vision may be, action is the fuel to take you there.

Fill The Mold

This week, spend time with these 5 keys.

Ask yourself, what mold am I currently filling?

Am I satisfied with the molds I have created in the past?

Remember, you are always assisting in the co-creation of your life. Few people believe they are responsible for the reality they experience on a day-to-day basis.

Cast the vision and work to make it a real experience. This is done thought by thought, choice by choice, action by action.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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