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Honoring The Christ Consciousness This Holiday Season

Honoring The Christ Consciousness This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a unique time of year. People rushing to department stores to purchase those special gifts, barren trees decorated with vibrant lights, ornaments pulled from attics, elves placed on shelves, and those holiday reruns filling the air waves.

This holiday season, I paused and reflected at all the experiences I’ve had of Christmas throughout my life. Times of going to Sunday school to learn about a man named Jesus, hours spent looking through toy magazines as a youth hoping to find that one gift I really wanted, and the various holiday dinners I’ve attended.

This reflection made me realize of all the Christmas and holiday experiences I’ve had, I’ve never stopped during this time and fully honored the Divine that dwells at the depths of my being.

This holiday season I encourage you to embrace the Infinite Essence that dwells within. The Divine part of you that empowers your heart to beat, your mind to think, your cells to divide and gives energy to each atom within you.

This holiday season, let us honor the Kingdom of God that we can find within ourselves.

Christ Consciousness

When did you wake up to the spiritual being you are? What spawned that awakening?

Was it books, individual’s, television programs, or deep meditations?

I ask you this because many of us walking this spiritual path forget about that life transforming moment when we awakened to a glimpse of the Infinite that dwells within.

As we continue this awakening process we see the limitless potential of our being. We recognize that we are empowered by the same Essence, Energy, God that enabled Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed to wake up and be.

Embracing this limitless potential, we can see how powerful we are when we move with love and compassion and recognize the innumerable things we have to be thankful for.

As we center ourselves in this present moment, honoring the Divine within, the Christ Consciousness that empowers our entire being, we then are ready to celebrate our lives and the lives of those we love this holiday season.

5 Ways To Make this Holiday Season Beautiful

1-Bring a Light Everywhere You Go – When you walk into a family member’s house, sit at the dinner table, go into a department store, a church, or your place of business, bring a light of peace and love with you. The best way to do this is to be mindful and aware that this moment is precious, is sacred and will never come this way again. Inspire everyone and uplift everything from the inside out (start with your thoughts).

2- Honor Each Person You Pass – Each person you pass on the street, each family member you speak with, every friend, all your co-workers and the strangers you see, recognize the Divine shining within them. The same Essence that empowers your heart to beat and woke you up this morning so too empowers each person you see. Salute the Divine in them.

3 – Love Yourself – Often we are so excited to get people gifts that we forget to give ourselves a gift. I am not recommending to go and buy yourself some extravagant present, instead simply give yourself the gift of love. Love your being, your life, your light and the gifts within you. Recognize the beauty in yourself.

4 – Be Present – Be present everywhere you go. Listen with deep compassion and speak with deep love. Be attentive and understand that each moment is a gift. Center yourself with mindfulness and concentration, fully embracing this day you have to experience.

5 – Celebrate This Gift of Life – Celebrate your life and the lives of others. Celebrate this planet we have to call home. Celebrate the stars above us and the oxygen we breathe. Celebrate the sun, the food, the animals, plants and insects. Make celebration a daily practice throughout this holiday season and beyond.


Remember, it is you who can make this season exceptional and one to remember. Be the light, be present, honor the Divine within and celebrate the countless gifts that fill each day of your life.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely






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