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How Cheerfulness Makes A Difference

Cheerfulness Makes a Difference

One of the most empowering aspects of expanding upon our spiritual path is the conscious recognition of how simple many spiritual principles truly are.

Things like thinking positive, do unto others as you want others to do unto you, the power of mindfulness and the simplicity of meditating and focusing on your breath.

One of these powerful yet simple spiritual practices I’ve been embracing is carrying a cheerful attitude with me everywhere I go.

I’ve found by bringing cheerfulness with me when I am going through difficult times, whether on a personal level or in my business life, that this inner happiness drains these difficulties of their power.

By bringing a cheerful attitude with me when speaking to another, I’ve found that cheerfulness rubs off on them and suddenly we are both immersed in happiness.

I’ve also recognized by moving forward towards my dreams and fulfillment of my greatest goals, doing so with a cheerful disposition helps things move forward in a frictionless way.

Wherever you find yourself, invite cheerfulness into your heart, let it flow throughout your body and seep through your pores. Soon you’ll see how cheerfulness can help with everything.

Cheerfulness is Contagious

One empowering aspect of cheerfulness is that it’s more contagious than sadness, anger, or the flu.

In fact, when you find yourself around negative people or upsetting environments, don’t allow these people or things to steal happiness out from within you.

As I recently told my little niece, it takes two people with two negative attitudes to create an argument. If one person remains positive, choosing to speak in a positive, happy and loving way, no argument can blossom.

Embracing this simple analogy, I invite you to spread cheerfulness and joy everywhere you go. When entering a new environment, bring joy, when speaking to a person who may rub you the wrong way, bring happiness ,and most importantly perhaps, when you are resting with yourself bring peace.

In doing this, soon you’ll see you are spreading seeds of cheerfulness everywhere you go.

5 Ways To Keep Cheerfulness Alive In Your Life

1 – Smile – As simple as it sounds, smile. It helps everything shine a little brighter. Smile at the things you are grateful for, smile at all the things you’ve made it through, simply smile because you are alive. As you move throughout your day with this smile on your face you effortlessly help others find more reasons to smile.  

2 – See The Best In All – Be willing to look deeper at the world around you and you’ll see the Divine reflecting through all. While it may not seem as if things are beautiful, be willing to identify with the good that is everywhere present, even if this requires you to shift your perspective and challenge your outlook. If you’re willing to see the best in everything, then where could darkness enter?

3 – Speak Peacefully – Be willing to speak in a peaceful and compassionate way to yourself and to others. Speak with words that will uplift and encourage, not deflate and degrade. Be aware of the conversations that take place in your mind and ensure you are feeding only those ideas you’d like to see grow in your life and our world.

4 – Power of Love – Be willing to shine a light of love out from within yourself towards all. Love blossoms abundantly from gratitude. Be willing to carry a grateful spirit with you and allow that spirit of gratitude to empower the love that lies within.

5 – Make the Choice – You have an opportunity at any given moment to choose happiness, this is a choice that only you can make. You can choose happiness or sadness at any moment. Don’t allow the outside world to pull your peace out from within, instead allow your inner essence to bring joy out into the world.

Opportunity For This Week

This week, approach all you are going through with a cheerful attitude.

When you speak to another person do so with a cheerful attitude. When you handle your daily obligations, do all of them with a cheerful attitude. When you are in the peace and presence of yourself, center yourself in cheerfulness.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely 
Jeffon Seely





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