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Catching Your Thoughts

Catching Your Thoughts

There is finally a solution for positive thoughts centered upon truth, compassion, and love to flow through your mind unhindered. It restricts all negative thoughts in your consciousness and brings the positive to the forefront of your mind.

It is placed there by a doctor that reaches deep into your consciousness and places a mental sifter within so positive thoughts will flow abundantly. It doesn’t have any side effects, but can cost money if one neglects to keep the mental sifter clean.

Those who have had this sifter placed in their consciousness have said that it fed their mind such beautiful thoughts that their lives transformed immediately. Things that once caused grief, fear and pain no longer impacted them. With an overflow of peaceful, joyful and compassionate thoughts, there was nothing in the physical world that could taint their inner world.

Sifter, Not As Advertised

While many may wish there was a mental sifter that could be implanted into the mind, it has never been invented. In fact, there is no physical sifter at all.

However, you and I have the ability to catch our thoughts at any moment. We need not insert anything into our consciousness, instead we need to increase our level of awareness of the thoughts we are empowering within.

While we may not be able to block all negative thoughts in our minds, we can sift through the thoughts and focus only on those we’d like to see grow.

This requires practice and discipline. It may seem easier to be at the mercy of our thoughts than it is to use our energy to fuel thoughts of peace, truth, and compassion.

It’s important for us to increase our level of consciousness and attention to the present moment. Catching our thoughts requires us to first put in the work to become aware of our thoughts.

There may be large periods of time that pass where you forget that you are the thinker of your experience. There may be moments when you are overcome with negative ideas, difficulties, and frustrations. Don’t let this deter you.

Step forth into the spiritual practice of being conscious and recognize the thoughts that flow through your mind each day.

3 Keys to Catching Your Thoughts

1 – Practice Conscious Breathing – Focus on your breath, it connects you with this moment. As you connect to this moment, you then remind yourself that you are thinking here and now. Connected to the present moment, aware of your thoughts, you can direct your mind to whatever end you desire. Whenever your mind slips, reconnect with your breath and be firmly grounded in the now.

2 – Non-attachment – Recognize that you need not attach to your thoughts, but instead can watch the thoughts as they float through your mind. You can watch from a deeper level and realize it is you who decides what you’ll think about and what you’ll focus on within. Do not attach to positive or negative, instead use your thoughts as building blocks that are helping to assemble your life. In the same way you wouldn’t use a crumbling brick to assemble your house, you need not use a crumbling thought of negativity to build your inner world. Select the best bricks, select the best thoughts.

3 – 24 Hours – For one day try to catch your thoughts. Be aware of the thoughts flowing into your consciousness. For 24 hours, make it a spiritual practice to be aware that you alive. Be aware of what you are feeding your mind. Remember, thoughts are the raw materials that assemble your reality. If at any time during this 24-hour period you forget that you are the thinker, reconnect with your breath and start again.

Opportunity for the Week

What thoughts can you embrace this week to take you into greater areas of life?

Center upon the truth that you are the Essence which empowers your thoughts and catch yourself before you spin downward with thoughts of fear, negativity, and depression.

Be present and think clearly.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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