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Rev. Dr. Sandra Jackson

I was called to ministry after 12 years of elementary school teaching and earning a Masters degree in Educational Administration. It was 6 years before I retired from classroom teaching to pursue ministry full time.

My 24 year old sister made her transition in 1972. Her life was such that we could not ask a traditional minister to perform her service. A friend suggested we ask Dr. Robert Scott from First Church for Religious Science to do the service. His service was so positive and uplifting my mother and I began attending Religious Science church later that year. Dr. Scott was the last private student of Ernest Holmes. I studied under him from my first Science of Mind class through ministerial training. As a result, I have developed a deep commitment to the Science of Mind philosophy.

I earned practitioners designation in 1979. I completed ministerial training in 1984 and founded FireLight Church of Religious Science and Science of Mind Center in October 1985. I served as it’s director and senior minister until 2002.

During my tenure as minister I grew the church from 15 that first Sunday to over 130 members, with regular weekly attendance of 75-85. Given the options, the pool of people we had, our church was quite successful. While we were a “small church”, we operated as a big church having many of the same services larger churches in or area had.

My activities at FireLight and with United Church of Religious Science earned me an honorary Doctor of Divinity from United Church of Religious Science in 2003.

I moved to Georgia in March 2003 to be with and care for my aging mother and grandmother. I stayed to help my daughter grow her fledgling business. I worked with her for 15 years prior to retiring last year.

During those years, I spoke at multiple Religious Science (CSL) and Unity Churches. On an organizational level, I developed, with two other ministers, a mentor’s manual for ministers and was one of 4 ministers who wrote a class on diversity for ministerial training. I also have a special focus ministry, the purpose of which is to provide support to “small churches”, a descriptive which fits the majority of our churches.


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