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3 Keys To Trim the Tree of Worry

Trim the Tree of Worry

As I’ve been out and about traveling across the Pacific Northwest speaking, performing and meeting new people, I am surrounded by innumerable trees.

Observing these trees has reminded me of the roots that dwell beneath the surface. These trees soar towards the sun, expanding, unfolding and developing a little more each day.

In the immense forest these large trees are mystical, but it made me realize that large trees endlessly expanding next to houses and apartments can eventually overtake these places of refuge.

Could you imagine if you had a hundred foot tree growing next to your house and you never trimmed back the branches? If you just allowed them to continue expanding and, as the years passed, eventually stretch across your roof, covering your windows and garage.

Soon you parked your car on the other side of the street because you couldn’t access your garage or squeeze past the branches into your front door to enter your house.

The day came when you woke up to your dark bedroom because of the leaves blocking your windows and were rushing to the front door for an important meeting. You opened your door but the branches blocked you in and you could no longer squeeze through your doors because the large tree was overtaking your home.

It’s obvious that while we may love trees, we would trim back the branches around our house to ensure we could easily get in and out.

Unfortunately, when it comes to worry and doubt in our lives, these thoughts and feelings act like trees that are never trimmed, eventually extending enormous branches throughout our mind, and over time, overtaking our consciousness.

How big is the tree of worry within you?

It is time to trim its branches?

Trimming the Tree of Worry

I don’t trust the government. I don’t have enough money. I could never do that, I’m not that talented. Will my family be okay? I think I might get sick if I do that. I am scared to share my gifts with others. What will people think of me if I show up authentically? Last time I did that I failed miserably.

These thoughts flash through countless people’s minds, reinforcing worry, fear and doubt. These thoughts don’t just flash through once in a lifetime, but these seeds of worry are watered for some people multiple times each day for years of their life.

I encourage you to look back at your thoughts the past few days, even weeks, and honestly identify the top 5 thoughts that fill your mind on any given day.

Are these thoughts empowering and supporting your highest and best, or are these thoughts filled with worry, doubt and fear?

We need not carry worry with us throughout our existence. We can choose in this moment of now to trim the tree of worry in our consciousness by living fully in this moment and being fully engaged in life.

3 Keys to Trim the Tree of Worry

1 – Be in the Present Moment – Worry cannot flourish and blossom if you are fully connected with the present moment. Worry flourishes when you dwell in the pain of the past or fear of the future. To trim the tree of worry you must choose to be here now and live moment to moment. As you fully commit yourself to the present moment you begin to see it is you who either waters the tree of worry or begins trimming its branches with new thoughts based in truth, love and positivity.

2 – Be Proactive – If struggles, difficulties or issues arise in your life and worry sprouts in your experience, being proactive can pull those weeds of worry from your mind. You need not fuel thoughts of worry, doubt or anxiety, instead act in a way that can push that worry out of your life. Think differently.

3 – The Observer – When thoughts of worry enter your mind, be aware of the observer within. This is the part of you that dwells beneath the thoughts you think. This is the part of you that can watch the thoughts that flow through your mind and remind you you need not attach to a specific thought. Think a new thought and worry ceases.


This week watch your thoughts and be aware of any worrisome ideas or feelings that pop up within your consciousness.

Remind yourself you need not honor those worry-filled thoughts in your mind.

This week be worry free by being intentional with your thought process. As you do this, you trim the tree of worry.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely





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