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3 Keys to Create Positive Self-Talk

3 Keys to Create Positive Self-Talk

Imagine you are speaking with someone who you appreciate and whose opinion you value. During this conversation, you are discussing some of your dreams, goals, hopes, and aspirations.

Just as you get finished sharing your plan for bringing the greatest you out from within yourself, they begin laughing, telling you that you could never do the things you are hoping to do.

You look at them slightly disgusted as your friend, who you thought would be your biggest supporter injects doubt, worry, and fear into your inner world.

Their doubts bring hesitancy to your spirit and you believe that you may be reaching a little too high and your goals might be a little too big.

Defeated, you rise from your seat, enter back into your day-to-day experience and shrink to match the inner doubt that your friend brought out from within.

If we were constantly surrounded by people who doubted our gifts, belittled our skills and made our mind shift towards the negative day after day, most of us would ensure that we spend less time with these negative minds.

The unfortunate thing is most of us have this negative friend that laughs at our visions, makes us fear our path and separates us from our greatness. This friend isn’t someone we sit down with at lunch or meet up with each week, this friend is one of the negative voices that continuously chatter within our mind.

If your friends talked to you the same way you talk to yourself, would these people still be your friends?

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

For those who are willing to look honestly at their inner dialogues and have the mental strength to shift these conversations, wonderful transformations can occur in their lives.

By speaking to yourself positively and compassionately while being centered in spiritual truth you can show up in the world in new and empowering ways.

If you are constantly speaking down to yourself, highlighting your faults and failures, you are programming yourself to allow others to do the same.

If you always talk yourself out of following your dreams, allowing doubt or anxiety to enter your heart, you begin to settle into comfort zones and areas of stagnation that stunt your development.

On the flip side, if you speak to yourself in a positive and constructive way, constantly reminding yourself of your gifts, the Divine that dwells within you and the innumerable blessings around you, you become your own champion.

If you are your greatest champion and your self-talk is propelling you forward in abundant ways, you not only shift your inner world but add a light of positivity in each environment you enter.

3 Keys to Create Positive Self-Talk

1- Appreciation – Spend more time appreciating all the things you have to be grateful for in your life. For some, this may be difficult, but be willing to look deep at the way your life has unfolded and be grateful that you are living, here today. Let your mind find joy and appreciation for your family, your friends and all those people who have added to your life. By appreciating the small things, it helps you find gratitude during those dark and trying times. With a mind centered on appreciation, your inner dialogue begins to reflect that appreciation.

2 – Watch Your Inner Conversations – Often, we have two voices (or more) going on in our heads. There is a quiet voice that encourages us to be bold, to step out of our comfort zones and honor our light. There is also a strong, loud voice that often talks us out of these things. Be willing to consciously take a step back as these voices bicker amongst themselves. Remind yourself that you are the one that chooses which voice you’ll listen to and on a deeper level, you are the one who gives power to all the voices in your head. Because you give them power, you can also shift the conversation in a positive direction.

3 – Positive Inner World – Fill your inner world with inspiring images, books, and audio programs. If you have an arsenal of positive images and ideas flowing through your mind and heart, when a negative thought or dialogue takes shape, you can shift your mind toward the positive and beautiful. What materials do you have stored in your inner world?

Weekly Opportunity

Take control of the self-talk taking place in your mind this week.

When a negative thought or conversation emerges bringing fear and doubt, be willing to intentionally shift your inner dialogue toward the positive and true.

  • Which voice will you listen too?
  • Which voice will you feed?
  • Which voice will you believe?

Be your biggest supporter. Be your own champion.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

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